the full story on the red house

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:: if you have read my profile you know why I chose the name In the past few days many people have asked me more about this special red paint. and the fact is, I didn't even know that much about the history of the red paint. so I decided to look it up.

if you are curious to learn more isa link to wikipedia [in Swedish]on the history of Falu Rödfärg. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact same information in English but here is a link to a short paragraph in English

the color in my day

: : I will always be devoted to Swedish China company Rörstrand and Finnish glasscompany Iittala , today all part of Hackman AB. Growing up, my dad[pappa] was working for Hackman. Learning about and living with beautiful glass and ceramic objects every day was wonderful, and I feel so connected to these brands and even more so to their products. Origo, by Alfredo Häberli [iittala], is an icon piece in my day. I wake up and have my first sip of water out of my Origo cup, and I keep one at my desk at the office for some added color.

cups with character

: : Anna Kraitz, Swedish product and furniture designer based in Stockholm designed these colorful teacups. " The objects in this series have been compared to a family. Each with it's own personality yet sharing a relating resemblance "

The cups are called YOU, part of the same serie is cookie tray DESERVE and teapot LUST. Visit scandinavian design online to purchase [ another wonderful place to be].

: : a week of color

: : I decided to make the whole week about color, so to continue the theme.....I collected some colorful, fashionable jewelry : : : : inspiration

: : faux diamonds : :

: : for all us ladies who don't care about the real thing...faux diamonds : : you might have already seen these acrylic bling-blink 'diamonds' by Alissia Melka Teichroew from the Netherlands. find them at greenergrass design [a wonderful place to be]

Local talents

: : Katie Gulde, a Boston local, designs funky, colorful jewelry. the concept for her latest line involves connecting delicate golden chains with chunky vintage beads to form fun, asymmetrical, necklaces.

contact katie directly at or if you are local to Boston, find her at the South End open market.

wool felt cuffs

: : oh, how bad I would like three of these, one in orange, one pink and one green.
kelly mulloy's wool and felt cuffs is the perfect accessory for any outfit. but at $48 at greenergrassdesign it is a little bit too expensive. I am thinking about making some instead.


: : ryan kundrat's hoopla line is another one of my favorites at the moment. clever combinations of color and metal.

konzuk metalwear

: : konzuk: : powdercoated stainless steel bracelets

konzuk metalwear

: : konzuk metalwear : : beautiful, simple, and colorful jewelry. started by Karen Konzuk, after she graduated from Novia Scotia College of Art & Design in 1997. her vision is to create clean and contemporary jewelry. a refined industrial style.

konzuk is my favorite jewelry at the moment, especially the konzuk ring [3rd one] that I am wearing, in orange. a recent gift from no one else but my own Iz.

mod colors

: : colorful frosted glass circles suspended from several thin cable wires. available as earrings too. find them at elsewares. [elsewares, a wonderful place to be if you are looking for something unique].

a colorful day

: : today was a bright, beautifully sunny if everything was sharper, more saturated, wherever I are some happy, colorful plates from French Bull to go with the beautiful weather.

find them at Plum Party Boutique, and also at Orange lola

marimekko candy bowls

:: from the land of a thousand lakes, come these colorful 'old style' candy bowls. a collaboration between the leading finnish glassware company iittala and leading finnish textile manufacturer marimekko.

comes in any color you can imagine. buy them at the finnish design shop::

... if you're looking for something cheaper

: : ....if you think the marimekko bowls are a little bit spendy. during your next IKEA visit pick up these turquoise tealight candle holders for $1.50 each. use for tealights...but also perfect for candy, fruit or nuts : :

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finally it's here. the day when I start my own blog.....
everyday I find things that inspire me, everything from nature to massproduced [objects].
I've been wanting to share them for so long, so here it : : inspiration.

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