Old Crate End Table & Candle Accents

After our birthday party and sleep over - I need some "craft therapy".
I put this crate next to our love seat last week when we pulled out the Christmas tree.
I needed a shallow end table for one side.

The large candles, I purchased at Homegoods in the spring, fit perfectly but were plain and white.
For a little holiday color I added some wrapping paper to the middle and taped it around back. I cut down some wood sticks with my miter saw and used little eye hooks in the tops to hang them.
Looking into the family room from the kitchen now looks a little more festive.
The old crate is the perfect size and height.
Natural, Rustic, Old and Pretty
(don't ask me what is on TV ???)
If you want to see another way I have used this same crate - see the following post.
To see these big candles on my summer mantel GO HERE.

Little Brown Jug

                                                                    Happy Weekend!
                                    Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. It is sunny but cool here
                              today ~ perfect for this time of year.
                                      I seem to remember a song from way back that went .....little brown
                              jug how I love thee so that is what popped into my head when thinking of
                              a tittle for my post today.

                              I know I shared photos of it not long ago but I love this little vignette
                             that I did in a small corner in the kitchen.
I love how the old wooden thrift shop mirror reflects the cupboard
with one of my favorite birdhouses on it.

           Another vignette in the works in our library on the mantel. I will be replacing the artificial
                     trees with real greenery and berries soon and adding some lights.
                       I love the handmade wreath made from pages from an old book by a friend of my daughters.

                      I am guessing it wouldn't take me so long to put up my Christmas decorations if I didn't
                      stop to take so many pics but all part of the fun for me!

                     I am joining The Rose Garden in Malevik for Saturday Show-off today.

                          Thank you for visiting,


Black Friday Birthday

Today these two baby twinkies turn 11 years old!
They are actually 3 1/2 weeks old here. Born at 31 weeks.
6 weeks we all spent in the NICU...

They grew to be chubby, happy babies.
This is a picture of  us sitting in a home we decided to buy and remodel - see how it's under construction? Not such a good idea with twin babies that would not sleep through the night. No family around to help either...what we were thinking?
First birthday eating cake with black frosting for the choo-choo wheels.
Beach babies.
They are so lucky to have each other.
Time just flew by...
We moved to a new house....
Best years of my life!
Love you Ben and Luke!!!
-balloon boobs and check out the punching bag....seriously?-
Where oh where is that going to go????
The story is longer than that but I have a bunch of boys coming over in one minute!
The Game Truck arrived.
Six big screen TV's and a huge comfy sofa.

More Red & White Kitchen Touches

                                                                   Hello everyone,
                                   The last couple of years I have been enjoying adding touches of red
                                to our kitchen/dining room. The red and white vintage quilt is the perfect
                                touch of red and white for anytime of the year but especially Christmas.
                                The harvest table is the same one we had when our seven children all
                                sat around the table for meals.....wish those days hadn't gone by so quickly!

                               The chairs were brown thrift shop finds that got a makeover a few years ago.
                                    The transferware pitcher and basin came from Coulson's in Summerside.
                                  The lovely vintage plaid picnic box came from Emment & Ellie's on
                                   University Ave in Charlottetown. It will be perfect for a winter display
                                   of greenery and berries on my porch.

                                        Love the lantern too ~ thanks Sharon!
                                               Most of you have seen my vintage coffee pot.

                                                       Getting ready for Christmas.

                  I am enjoying the sparkle of Christmas lights in our home once again ~ it makes these
                             long dark evenings so cheery. I will have to get some photos to share with you
                                Tomorrow, I am invited to a friends beautiful home for a Christmas lunch - so let                                                       the fun begin!

                              I am joining Be Inspired at Common Ground today as well as My Romantic Home
                                    for Show & Tell Friday.

                              Blessings to all my American friends ~ I hope you are enjoying a lovely
                               Thanksgiving day.

                              Thank you for visiting,

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