alena hennessy

: : beautiful patterns by .alena hennessy. via .nebopeklo.

black beauty

: : lately, it just seems like there isn't enough time in one day.

here are some black beauties, suggested by .tina. for a festive occasion. crystal glasses by .waterford. and maybe you love crystals and would even consider this crystal vase chandelier by .philippe starck.


: : ... and the hot design tips just keep on coming, here are more wonderful finds by my lovely friend .tina. ......
beautiful laser cut jewelry by tjep. necklace and tiara. and ornamental chair for droog by tjep.

hannah stouffer

: : found .hannah stouffer. via design sponge the other day and quickly became a fan of her beautiful graphics work.

gothenburg exhibit

: : I don't know how I missed this when I was home, this was happening right in my hometown, Gothenburg!! check out the story on the .woostercollective.

"Eltono and Nuria, two of our favorite artists from Spain, just back from Gothenburg, Sweden where they had an exhibition called “Privé och público” (“Private and public”) at Galleri54.

We liked how it integrated the city of Gothenburg with the gallery. The artists put up 10 painted signs in Gothenburg with instructions on the back of them to bring the artworks back to the gallery for the opening. Like a puzzle, each piece fits into a larger work that Eltono and Nuria did on the walls of the gallery. At the end of the show, each piece wa signed and given back to the person who found it."

erosion sink

: : I fell in love with this "erosion sink" [found via treehugger] by gore design co."gore design co. specializes in the design and creation of eco friendly concrete products, artistic metal fabrication and environmentally responsible custom cabinetry."


: : my friend .tom. at work passed along this link to modular furniture company movisi . i'm a fan of their Q.couch. thanks .tom. !

more beautiful glass

: : more hot tips from .tina. check out crib candy if you haven't visited it before.
venini bolle on top and and spoon vase [by .apartmentzero.] on the bottom.

hot wallpaper

: : hot new design tips from my Swedish friend .tina.

lots of beautiful wallpaper out there. especially at ferm living.

colorful glass

inspired by john pomps glass works on designsponge today I found .caleb siemon. via .thisisauto. absolutely stunning work. well worth a visit.

.thisisauto. is the online version of husband and wife team .roman Luba's. and .renata bokalo's. New York boutique. rare and wonderful finds.

hotel box

: : neither a box, nor a piece of furniture....the "hotel box" by pure nomade. via wonderful newcomer blogger bloesem.

water carafe

: : a+r store has a great selectionof design objects. and if you're in the LA area, check out their little store.


: : another wonderful place to be... roseandradish...fabulous things for the home.

online shopping

: : mag table at canoe , a wonderful place to shop online.

the smart egg

: : apparently the British are terrible at cooking their eggs. but the experts at the British Egg Information Service have found a solution. a smart egg that shows you when it's boiled to perfection by revealing a thermochromic logo. smart egg design I have to say!

10 gruppen

: : found .10gruppen. during my visit in Sweden. ten Swedish Designers creating brilliant patterns and products.


: : .critbuns. a brilliant idea by RISD design student Joe Gebbia. perfect for crits...but also useful for many other activities as well. keep your eyes open for these in stores!

napkin pinch

: : a fabulous gift to our house from our friend Maiya is this oxo napkin pinch [holder], her first product out on the shelf! Very exciting! Thanks Mai!

rubber vase

: : found this rubber vase by .menu. in a design store at the airport in Copenhagen. wanted a hot pink one but they were out of that color. maybe I can find it somewhere in the US?

back in business

: : Happy New Years! I'm happy to be back! I had a wonderful vacation at home in Sweden with my family. But now it's time to update this blog. Following will be a mix of some of my design finds from Sweden and recent inspiration from the past couple of days.

Above are some photos from åhlens, a Swedish department store that has some truly wonderful Scandinavian design to offer. Not only Marimekko, but a whole isle of beautiful fabrics. If only I had had room for all the things I wanted to by. I would have bought yards of fabric to bring back with me.

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