Industrial ~ Shab Master Bedroom

Welcome to my Shabby style master bedroom, blended with Vintage and Industrial accents. My redesigned space features a handcrafted headboard, up-cycled furniture, and a little dash of nature.
An antique trunk topped with an old bench houses the TV, the aged dressers are finished in a weathered dark paint and stain to create an appealing contrast against the soft white bedding and sheer window coverings.
The grey window panels are actually 104" oblong table cloths.
 Alternate uses for every day items in this bedroom make it unique and well balanced with both feminine and masculine textures.
Creating a one-of-a-kind look using vintage architectural and environmental finds, and items from the local hardware store, give this room a lived-in and rustic feeling.
I decorated this bedroom for my husband and I to share, using corrugated metal roofing and pine wood slabs to create the headboard (only $51). Our bedding was affordable but incredibly comfortable with various layers and textures of fabric and pillows.
My bedroom is anything but "standard", and I enjoyed doing all the work myself.
I hope you enjoy this preview of my newly decorated Industrial-Shab Master Bedroom!  It was a lot of fun to create, and a restful place to retire at the end of a busy day.
Mazi loves our new room, too!

Future posts coming with tutorials for the Bedding HERE, headboard, window treatments HERE and more.

View this room before HERE

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Allee Garden

                                                     Hello everyone,
       It was an overcast morning here with a promise of rain so I wanted to take a few shots of our allee garden before it got wet.
   The Miss Canada lilac on the left is still putting on a good show and the Miss Kim on the right as well ~ both have a lovely fragrance.The Walker's Low Nepeta is just coming into bloom here although in our Chelsea Garden it is in full bloom.The roses at the end are also in full bloom now.
                             The old wheelbarrow got dressed up with wave petunias.
                                    Miss Canada up close and personal.
                                       The Enkianthus shrub is blooming at the north end of the allee. I love the pretty bell shaped flowers and so do the bees.
                                      I have a weekend bouquet or two for you!
                                   A vintage McCoy and hobnail vase with peonies.

  •                           A Sarah Bernhardt peony in an aqua hobnail vase.
                           This is a long weekend here in Canada as Monday is Canada Day. We have a couple of tours from Japan and we are planning a family event for Monday so I hope to be back here on Tuesday.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting.


Garden Beauty and Lucy

                                                             Hello everyone,
                              I hope your week went well. It certainly went by quickly here.I would like to slow down the season now so can enjoy all the lush beauty awhile longer but alas time will not stand still! Above is the door to the boathouse and I am still tweaking the inside.
                     One sunny day last week I was happy to have met Lucy as she came for a visit all prettied up in her vintage kerchief. Lucy is so sweet-don't you think she looks adorable?
                                         She made a nice addition to the porch!
                                                        Breaded Iris
                                               Siberian Iris
                                      A longer view of the south beds.
                                                     Early morning by the 'Gardener's Cottage'.
                                                Spirea by picketfence

Josephine clematis

                                                  Oriental poppy.

                                           Early morning from the veranda

                                               Martha's Garden

   Hope you enjoyed meeting Lucy and having a little peek at some of the garden beauty.

             I am joining My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday.

            Have a wonderful weekend!

Remove a Kitchen Cabinet for Openness

Our kitchen is dark. The sun doesn't peek in until the afternoon.
I wanted a brighter look in there - plus, a little "cool factor".

Before above.
I took the two cabinets down. I know that sounds like a brave thing to do in a rental house, but I used to do a little kitchen design before the kids were born and watched many new kitchens be installed. 
The cabinetry is just screwed into the wall studs in three or four places each. I could see the screws inside behind the shelving. I left the holes in the wall so I can line the cabinets up again to re-install them when we move. This was easy since there was no crown molding on the top of the cabinetry.
I painted the walls a fresh color.
Artichoke - Valspar by Lowe's. It's a rich grey with a hint of green under tone. I used chalk paint where the cabinets were and used some old 'garbage' plywood for a frame.
Look how old and rough the wood is. I just used my nail gun to frame out the black area with this sheet of wood that I found in a dumping area. I just cut the plywood sheet into 4 equal slats with my table saw.
Then added a simple shelf underneath for a few dishes. You wouldn't believe how much bigger the kitchen seems. It feels like I have so much more usable counter space, too.
See the antique mirror in the photo above? I will show you the breakfast nook soon.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Peony Time in our Garden

                                                               Hello everyone,
         It is peony time in our garden so I thought I would quickly share some of photos of them with you.The two peonies on either side of the arbor are from my Dad's garden and he got them from his parents garden.I have had them for many years and have divided them several times over the years and moved them around the garden. I have 3 different varieties from my Dad so of course they are special to me.

         We have over 100 peonies and many different varieties so unfortunately I have forgotten the names of some of them.

Some beautiful bouquets of our peonies.

                                    Bowl of Beauty is the front peony and it is a beauty!

Now, I better stop admiring the peonies and get ready for our garden tour this afternoon-it looks like it might be a wet one though so umbrellas will be the order of the day.

                 Hope you  have a good day!


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