Allee Garden

                                                     Hello everyone,
       It was an overcast morning here with a promise of rain so I wanted to take a few shots of our allee garden before it got wet.
   The Miss Canada lilac on the left is still putting on a good show and the Miss Kim on the right as well ~ both have a lovely fragrance.The Walker's Low Nepeta is just coming into bloom here although in our Chelsea Garden it is in full bloom.The roses at the end are also in full bloom now.
                             The old wheelbarrow got dressed up with wave petunias.
                                    Miss Canada up close and personal.
                                       The Enkianthus shrub is blooming at the north end of the allee. I love the pretty bell shaped flowers and so do the bees.
                                      I have a weekend bouquet or two for you!
                                   A vintage McCoy and hobnail vase with peonies.

  •                           A Sarah Bernhardt peony in an aqua hobnail vase.
                           This is a long weekend here in Canada as Monday is Canada Day. We have a couple of tours from Japan and we are planning a family event for Monday so I hope to be back here on Tuesday.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting.



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