IKEA fialena

: : This is a new serie of patterns at IKEA, called .fialena. I adore the name, it's what my parents would always call my sister. she was .fialena., I was .pyret. and my brother .skrotten. Maybe not the most flattering name for my brother, but it was very cute when he was young.

Anywho, these patterns are very much in line with the current scandinavian folklore pattern trend that's happening. making me think my own patterns are very current and aligned with this trend?? IKEA why won't you call?

I found this while I was browsing the .style files. blog.

Simple Bedrooms

Here are some stylish simple bedrooms. I think in bedrooms less is definitely more. The less clutter the better. Not so much to think about as you drift off to sleep.

Not Small Just WOW

Ok these rooms are not small but I love the vibe they give off. So stylish and bright...great combo!

Modern Rustic

These rooms all have a style design that I enjoy very much. A well done, artful combination of modern design with a touch of rustic. I think all 3 of these photos capture that style very well.

aygo happy graphics

: : I love graphics like this! [and I think it has inspired me to do a new motif.]
even better, it's been applied to .aygo., the car. my friend .louise. owns an .aygo., they're so cute, and so tiny. maybe she'll let me apply my graphics to her car?

via .print&pattern. graphics work by .studiokanna.

quarter report

more inspiration via print&pattern. textiles from Japanese company .quarter report. I was inspired by the color combinations in this second image. I might try to make a pattern in those same tones. long weekend coming up, lots of new ideas to draw up!!


: : happy v day : : more kurbits inspiration on my mind. a series of cards called .boda., designed by no one but, .hanna werning. for company lagom. .lagom. is the Swedish word for 'just right', not too much, not too little of anything. I believe it is the only language with a word describing that, and it says a lot about the Swedes themselves. via bowie at .print&pattern.

kurbits krumelurer

: : hello : : for those of you who have been following my posts, I have updated, created some new color combinations and added a tile pattern at the bottom. the top two with more modern color combinations, and the bottom one a bit softer. thank you all for your wonderful feedback! I think I am going to start experimenting with having some of these printed. I would love to work with a local company? anyone know of printing places in Boston?

and I would like to take the opportunity to ask .you. what you would like to see these patterns on? posters, cards, 3.dimensional products? some of you have mentioned fabrics, which got me excited. I love that idea. maybe the repeatable patterns in particular would work well for that.

I would also love to be able to apply them to furniture, which would reference the origin of the inspiration for these patterns. which came from traditional Swedish kurbits patterns, a folk art that originated in the region of Dalarna, Sweden, mostly in the form of hand paintings on furniture. [see previous posts]

Paris and Jill

Check out these great paintings done by Paris Gerrard and Jill Barton. They are mother and daughter who are oh so very talented! Paris paintings are the top 3 and Jill's are the bottom two. If you like to see more, go to the link at the left under "cool new findings."

flickr find

: : it's wonderful to read all your positive feedback on my design work. it is such an inspiration to me! thank you all!!
on that note. I found some inspiration today, a new flickr find. beautiful, colorful photos. from the .365 project.

what about these?

: : it's been a productive weekend. with everyone absorbed in the superbowl, I decided to take advantage of the time to do some design work and took a trip to IKEA during the actual superbowl. that has got to be the best time of the year to go to IKEA!! we were cruising through living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms with no one in our way!!

I'm eager to get some feedback on yet another set of patterns. the first one, still more traditional, but a little different than previous motifs. the second one, a first draft of a repeatable pattern. not the right color combination yet, I'm working on that. the top one, a personal favorite. more birches, and monochrome colors. what do you all think?

and where will this take me? I don't know yet. I don't know what the opportunities are, and don't know where I want to go. for now, I'll keep on creating.

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