Merry Christmas

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I will be out of town for the next week and a half, so I will post a new blog after the new year. Have a safe new year, here's to a great 2008 !

: : happy holidays.merry christmas and .god jul.

: : .happy holidays.merry christmas and .god jul.

thank you all for your inspiration, support and appreciation! warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday for each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing you again in the new year!


: : happy discoveries in SF : :

: : .iz. and I are in San Francisco for Christmas, and we were strolling around .the mission. the other day when I spotted these ornament in a shop window. of course I recognized them from .d*sponge's. DIY section. I made these for my own house last week. so, we stroll in and discover that we are in the .curiosity shoppe. and talking to .derek. 'inventor' of the ornaments!! it was such a wonderful little shop! I bought myself some Christmas presents.

I'm Dreaming of a White Xmas

Nothing to add...just pretty picutures for heading into the home stretch...

Small is....



modern kurbits

: : it's impossible not to be a fan of .hanna werning's. work. particularly hard for me maybe since I'm addicted to colors and absolutely love her fun bright patterns. looks like .hanna. is also thinking modern kurbits [via emma's]. I posted a few months ago about my inspiration from traditional Swedish kurbits. I have started a few patterns at home. not fully ready to share yet, but maybe soon.......

p.s I would love the kurbist wall decal for christmas.


: : I found the .ijm. site a long time ago, via .emma's. and just stumbled upon it again. such wonderful photography and storytelling. and there's so much here to see, go explore...

Window Pane Cabs

Love seeing the many new ways people are putting their kitchen cabinets in. Clear glass, shelves, frosted many possibilities! Here are a few window pane looks I think are terrific!

Bold Xmas Colors

After seeing these pictures, I think Christmas decor is more about a feeling it evokes then color combinations. These colors are not traditional at all but what impact! Making the colors you have all year work at Christmas... love that!

Whats Your Favorite Xmas Colors?

Do you have a favorite Christmas color combination? I really like large doses of white with green and touches of silver. Maybe it seems like snow to me, I dunno. I like red and white together too. Do you like the traditional green and red? I've seen some interesting combinations this year!

in the hood

: : my friend .leonard. found this article in the .nytimes. about .sam davol. , a cellist for the Magnetic Fields. He and his family just moved into a loft apartment in Chinatown, Boston. The loft is not far from where I work, I never would have thought there would be spaces like this in the buildings around downtown Boston. And what a beautiful space!

paint more

: : found these inspiring photos on .emma's blog. there something about this home.....and I am really drawn to the painting in the second picture. my dad says I should paint more. I should paint more. I really should paint more. I want to paint more. my Grandpa was a painter.

my books in my own room are stacked the same way, but I can't wait until I have a big white wall to stack up against.

Clean Machine

I love whats happening to laundry rooms. No longer dank and in a cold basement (well mine is) they are actually being well thought out spaces. Smaller machines for smaller spaces too. Where would your perfect spot be for your machine? Near the bedrooms seems logical to me, I'm seeing them mounted under kitchen cabs too.

On to Christmas...

Ok, so Thanksgiving is over. Its officially now Christmas. You can't deny it any longer. I will be away from home for the first time ever. I'm not quite sure how much decorating I should be doing. But since thats a month away, I figure I can still pull out stuff. I have noticed that every year I'm doing less and less. I do think less is more, but I also get when people go all out too. I just know I'll have to put it all back in a month!


: : a pic from Quebec. it was a magical weekend! a beautiful city covered in snow. we long to go back.

ja må hon leva

: : today is my birthday! : : I celebrated in Quebec City with Iz and friends. a wonderful weekend! we are just back in Boston. more to come soon.....

Taking a Break

I will be taking a blog break for about a week and a half. I have family coming in town tomorrow and my husband will be starting a new job come Monday. Everyone have a wonderful holiday and I will see ya soon!

wallpaper wildlife

: : another approach to sustainability is to reuse what is already made. like these vintage wallpaper posters for kids. so adorable!!

Is Small Space a Style?

I was thinking about my blog name the other day and wondered if it made sense. Could small spaces be a style? I guess at the time I was just looking for a catchy little name. Maybe small spaces do have a unique style, then again small spaces can vary in style just like large spaces. Hmmm, I think its late and I should go to bed. In my small bedroom. That has style. Somebody stop me.

recycled furniture

: : I'm always on the look out for cool sustainable products, but it's not always easy to find. but it's something that I would like to devote some more time to. the new furniture line .strata. by .ryan frank. was hard not to notice though. .strata. is a furniture line built from the waste wood salvaged from old office desks.

Compact Kitchens

Here are some more compact kitchens with TONS of style. I love all practical but still so pretty. (2nd pictures is from the blog Apartment Therapy and the bottom from the blog Simpler things)

Small Space DIY projects

Here are a few DIY projects that can help with space and storage. Small bracket shelves can fit almost anywhere, and ottomans are very versatile. (All picture projects can be found at BHG, look for them under stylish DIY slide show.)

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