An Evening at the Beach and Revisiting our Kitchen

A few evenings ago we went for a drive to the south shore so we could enjoy a nice walk along the beach.

This lovelylittle church was peeking through the trees.

The south shore has red cliffs while the north shore has light sand dunes.

It was so peaceful there.

The lighthouse looks so pretty in the evening sun.

The lighthouse at Fort Amherst-it is not inhabited now so I peeked in the windows. There was a children's toile wallpaper in one room making me imagine what life was like for the family who lived there.

The sun is setting as we drive home.

So that was our evening at the beach!

A few people asked to see pictures inside and so I will post a few kitchen pics for those who haven't seen it as as my old pictures seem to have disappeared from my blog.Thank you to all who gave advise on the problem-I will let you know when I solve the mystery.

I love dishes!

I have collected mainly tranferware and mostly red and white.

The bay window in our kitchen is a favorite spot for a cup of tea.I like displaying different teacups etc. here.

I love to have a pretty bouquet on the table.

So I hope you enjoyed your tour with me.

Take care,


Peonies Everywhere!

Did I tell you that I love peonies? We have over a hundred peonies in our garden and most of them are in bloom now. ther are a few early ones that are past and a few late ones not blooming yet but the majority of them are now in bloom.

I have picked lots of bouquets like the one above.

I think this one is Gardenia.


Pink Hawaiion Coral

Duchess of nemuirs

A single peony-not sure which one

This is Festiva Maxima-my first peony given to me by my Dad and he got it from his Dad so it is very special. I have divided it mant times. It is very fragrant.

this is Laura Dessert

unsure of this one,

This is Shirley Temple

pretty but I bought some at yardsales and they weren't named so maybe you can tell me which one it is.

peonies and lupins look good together.

another single-I don't stake these.

peonies in the garden.

peonies in a basket

peony on quilt

peonies and teacup

peony in bud

peonies in teapot

peonies in our sunroom

beautiful bouquet!

peonies over our picket fence

another bouquet

And to end of a peony collage. I hope you love peonies too!

It is raining off and on today and I have a home and garden tour with tea and dessert this afternoon so I am off to do some baking.

Take care,


A Misty Morn!

A couple of days ago I got up to a lovely misty morn so I grabbed my camera and took some garden shots. I love the soft look a fog rolling in gives to pictures. It has been hot here the last few days so we definitely know summer has arrived!

I hope you have a great weekend!

p.s. Iam not sure why everything is underlined on my bottom picture=does anyone know how to get rid of the lines? Worse still my blog pictures are steadily disappearing- anyone have any info on this problem? Will they come back?
Thank you,


Roses and Lemonade!

I love this bicycle that I got at Winner's last year. It was brown so I painted it Pistashio green.
Doesn't it look pretty in amongst the roses?
Why don't you sit for a spell and enjoy a refreshing cool drink of lemonade and maybe read for awhile as you enjoy the fragrance of the roses?



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