: : wonderful conceptual furniture at .designfenzider.


: : ...and more from the Stockholm Furniture fair. Fun and funky .fröjd. lamps from linda rothstein
.linda's. projects examines how light affect a space and it's observers.


: : .nina. at wonderwall e.mailed with exciting news, they have added an additional 11 pieces of art. and their website is now available in English for those of you who had trouble reading the Swedish.

.....wonderwall, changing the world, one wall at a time...

matti klenell

: : ..... more from the Stockholm furniture fair. matti klenell's fun .fade. and .mushroom lamps. ....and I couldn't resist showing the .24 pillow easy chair. , that kid looks so content under a pile of pillows.

tack söta .tina. ! du är bäst!

silicone table cloth

: : ... also from .wis design. , but this is something that deserves it's own post....their beautiful and playful silicone table cloth. and what a beautiful contrast with the dark wood table. ooh, I would love several of these!!! favorite

wis design

: :'s Swedish representative, my good friend .tina. reported to me from the Stockholm furniture fair last week. I completely fell in love with Swedish company .wis design. I had to show several examples of their products. their table manners work station desk, with a relaxing lounge area, their beautiful proper lamp with gold fabrics, and dot floor lamp.

this is only the beginning of .tina's. wonderful finds during the fair. I will be back with more soon.....

olive handbag

: : who wouldn't be a fan of a handbag with a bungee cord as a strap?
puckish handbag via poppytalk

circle necklace

: : love this circle necklace by .carla de la cruz. available on elsewares


: : trunkt a new meeting place for design entrepreneurs. look for jobs, find current design events, or shop online from a selection of individual artists.

exploring cambridge

: : I had a fabulous Saturday, exploring areas new areas of Cambridge with my lovely friend .maiya. I had read in .lisa de john's. sneakpeak of her home on .designsponge. about a furniture store in Cambridge with a great mid-century collection, called .reside.

so, .maiya. and I ventured out...and ended up spending the whole day browsing cute furniture stores, and eventually ended up at the new marimekko store. I had been wanting to see that for quite some time now.

Providence open market

: : I received an e.mail this week from .chris masci. about a very exciting initative, the organizers of the .south end open market. in Boston are planning to start an open market in Providence this year...and they're looking for vendors. If you're interested contact them via e.mail at

day of love

: : give someone some love today.....

: : happy valentine's to my family, friends and all of my wonderful readers !! : :

hug salt & pepper shaker

danish glass

: : beautiful organic forms by danish glass artists mohl & drivsholm glas. and there is so much character there. each piece has it's own personality. ..... just beautiful!
[via cleopethra ]

livstycket and cosas

: : swedish textile company livstycket has so many wonderful patterns for fabrics, rugs and more. unfortunately, very little is available to view on their website. these pictures are taken by .anneli. owner of cosas, a swedish online design store. there will soon be more pictures available on her site as well as opportunities to buy their products. thank you .anneli.

hook box

: : these would be brilliant for our house!! I live with four roommates in a big pink house. it would be adorable if we each had our own .hook box. ....and so practical too!!

hook box by lucanichetto via swedish blog hemfeber

marimekko spring 2007

: : last week was stockholm furniture fair .I've been updating myself through swedish blogs that have been covering the event. I was happy to read about marimekko's new spring collection . happy, bright and bold, as always...but with a fresh approach. I really like all the green!

: : love : :

although I'm not much for the valetine craze that's going on in the country right now, I couldn't help but feel drawn to this piece [found via .notcot.] I like .notcot's. description of the piece : "painfully sweet".

available at .rare device.

time to plant...

: : well, granted it has been a very mild has been very cold on my bike in the mornings these past couple of weeks. but this week it's been getting warmer and the ice on the charles melts a little bit more everyday. so, with spring around the corner...I started thinking about what to plant this year. I think it's going to be basil, oregano, cilantro and mint...and of course I'm hoping for green peppers on my plants that survived the winter.

crib candy have a couple of fun options for smart ways to organize and display planters. check them out right .here.

peel off wallpaper

: : found this fun, creative wallpaper idea via .bloesem. [bloesem, a wonderful place to be]

sanna annukka

: : more wonderful illustration works....I found .sanna annukka. via .print&pattern. a fellow Scandinavian designer, inspired by the beautiful summers she spent in the Finnish woods.

graphic content exhibit

: : I had the opportunity to visit the .contemporary art center in Cincinnati. while I was out there for a couple of days last week. their current graphic content exhibit is amazing!!! .charley harper., .malcolm grear. and .ryan mcGinness. all wonderful artist who's work i have encountered before but I wasn't familar with each individual artist. I especially fell for charley harper's work. so much humor, curiosity, playfulness and of course, attention to detail. above are some of my favorite pieces. it's really worth seeing these in person because you need to be up close and look at it for a while to notice all the details. notice the frog eating a smaller frog?

I also like the wonderful organic, flowing forms of .ryan mcGinness. you might already be familiar with his "icon language".

I'm off for this years only weekend of skiing! let's hope for some snow at least....
back next week! have a great weekend!

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