Spring Beauty

Good Morning,
    The birds are singing, the geese are swimming in the pond and it looks like we will have some sunshine after a badly needed rainy day yesterday- what more could I ask for!
   I still have a few more pictures featuring our lilacs-don't worry I will soon have moved on to the peonies! The early peonies are just starting to bloom here but soon there will be hundreds of peonies blooming as they are loaded with buds this year.

Our summer porch
We have enjoyed  relaxing on our screened porch with the scent of lilacs .
Pretty containers full of our lilacs from the garden

I am picking a bouquet of lilacs for you.
Don't you just love lilacs?
We have over 40 lilac bushes in our garden-all different colors and sizes.Did you know lilacs like a slightly alkaline soil and a sunny location to bloom well.

Tomorrow is a busy tour day so I better get our house and garden in order.

Can anyone tell me why my photos seem to go fuzzy in the last few days when I make them larger-I always email them over to my blog and didn't have this problem before.

Thank you for visiting me.

Take care,

Crowded Garden

I planted my own garden several years ago....

Using my tiller (a birthday present) and rocks from the ground around our property I created this flower bed.

Coming from the West...I couldn't believe all the foliage that grew wild here in Connecticut.
Daylillies were growing near the road in our own front yard. I dug them up and replanted them in my flower beds.

This is a photo from just before the lillies are ready to bloom.

I ordered several perennials from an on-line nursery to plant along with my Day Lillies. I also planted Shasta Daisies and Echinacea from seed indoors until they were big enough to be planted outside.
Here are some of my favorite perennials:

Shasta Daisies

Stella Dior Daylillies


Astible Bridal Veil

Black Eyed Susan


Cluster a set of 5 close together for a lovely crowded garden.

In a couple of weeks my garden will be bursting with blooms.

Adding a stone pathway creates an inviting walk through the garden and brings in
a little "cottage style" charm.

Create large curved gardens lined with stones for a welcoming entrance to your front door.

Lovely Gardens Bring Happiness

to see an interesting way I display another area of my garden CLICK HERE

Beautiful Lilacs

Hello everyone,
   I hope you are having a good week. We are getting the rain we really needed for the garden and the crops so I am very relieved.
  I did warn you that I had lots of lilac pictures so here are just a few more for you.

A corner in our bedroom.
Our bedroom mantel.

Thank you for all the nice comments lately and welcome to those of you who are new followers to my blog. We have been busy lately getting the garden ready for tours and of course our own enjoyment as well so I have not been good at leaving comments back, I hope you will forgive me!

Thank you for visiting,


Tea with Jessie

Hello everyone,
     The weather has turned so much cooler here and we are still waiting for some rain -maybe later today! I have a few tours this week so I am hoping for warm sunny weather the end of the week.
    Above is a photo of our six year old granddaughter Jessie taking a moment to smell the lilacs.

And of course we had to have tea!

Jessie enjoys her tea as much as I do!
She even knew we couldn't have tea without a hat and flowers.
After picking lilacs she had to check out the Bridal Wreath Spirea.
This is Sasha the newest member of Jessie's  family! Sasha is a pug-a-poo.

Whimsical Jessie.


We had just finished tea when a couple of other little tea ladies stopped in for tea in the garden but that is another post.

I am joining Tea Time Tuesday once again at Rose Chintz Cottage.

Thank you for visiting ,


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