Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear?
I am going to show you how I made an easy "Build-A-Thankful-Pumpkin".

My Mother brings the cutest gifts to us when she visits. I loved these Halloween treats that she made and they inspired me to make something of my own.
First, let me show you her Halloween version of this craft:

Take approximately a 10 inch square of fabric, same or slightly smaller size batting inside. The stem is rolled up craft paper glued and covered in twine then embellished with raffia and eucalyptus. A darling presentation! She showed us how to pull up the stem and the pumpkin opens to yummy candy inside. The stem was placed inside the taped roll of card stock to hold it together. SIMPLE! 
That was my inspiration!
Now, since I am missing the whole Halloween pumpkin making, I will focus on the next holiday - not Christmas but Thanksgiving. If you are hosting dinner - this is pretty cute for each table setting.
Gather supplies for each:
10 inch square fabric
a handful of cotton balls
3 inch stick from outside
card stock cut into 2 inch strips
packing tape
a message for inside and one for out (optional)
Wrap card stock around the stick (not too tight). Tape it together with the hole open.
Make a special message to go inside each pumpkin. This is where you can make this personal and say why you are thankful for that person - "kiss it" and throw it in the cotton to go inside.
OR....If your family draws names for Christmas - a name could be hidden in here.
(you get the idea)
After tucking in all of the sides of fabric into the card stock hole then "plug" it up with your stick. My stick in the photo was WAY too long so I had to cut it down. Hole punch a little layered card with a name or message on it and slip some twine through the hole and wrap it onto the stick. I just put Thankful on the outside and For YOU inside but you can use these as name cards for place settings, too.
Homemade gifts make the sweetest treasures. 

One Door Makes Two

You might remember my old door from THIS POST.
The glass broke out of the top window part so I wasn't going to be able to use it for an entrance door like I had planned.
The door is super heavy but I was able to lay it on my table saw and push it through.
It's much easier to manage two smaller pieces than that big solid wood thing.
Now I have two backdrops for decorating.

(I painted it from the original yellow - you can see my technique in THIS POST)
I wanted to trade out our garage entrance door for this one but the holes for the door knobs didn't line up. So I thought I would wait until we are in a home that we would be in for a longer period of time than we plan to be here.
I put one half outside on my porch table and the other inside. I will share that one another day.
This picture is old (sweet Sadie :( ) but I was letting it sit outside to weather like in this picture and well, Somebody took a hammer to it.
That's partly why I like old and distressed pieces - you can't ruin them -
abuse just makes them better.

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Autumn Days

                                                                           Hello everyone,

                                    It seems autumn is marching right along here so I thought I would take
                                    a few more shots of the garden before we move into November.
                                       The Gardener's Cottage above in an autumn light.
                                                                    Our Chelsea Garden
                                                 In the last couple of days most of the perennials has been cut down with
                                                    a handheld bush wacker by my husband ~ so already it has changed.
                                                                 Still lots of blooms on this rose.                          
                                                                      Sit for a spell.

                                                      Autumn colors in our garden
                                                                   An early Autumn picnic day.
                            A favorite walking trial though the woods near our home

                                        I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for
                                         visiting me.

Deer Old Window & Heavy Hanging Tip

I rarely pay full price for anything but as I walked through Homegoods the other day, I found something that I couldn't pass up.

A pewter looking deer head mounted on black wood.
He goes perfect with my old window.
I have to tell you - this window has saved my walls. I can make holes in the old wood and not touch the sheet rock. I used monkey hooks in the sheet rock and D rings screwed into the back of the window to hang it. If you don't know about monkey hooks - here is a picture of them.
You can find them in hardware stores or even Walmart in the section where other framing or hanging supplies are. They hold anywhere from 30 to 50 pounds each. The hole they leave in the wall is so small.
Here are D rings.
I use framing wire looped into them for smaller items, like in the photo above then I can use only one Monkey Hook in the middle of where I want to hang my art.
For heavier items like the big window - I screw a large D ring on two sides and hook them directly on the Monkey Hook!
The only thing is - if you hit a stud - you get to use a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch screw instead. 
Easiest way to hang anything...promise!

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Autumn Pleasures

                                                                             Hello everyone,
                              On a warm and sunny autumn day it is nice to take a few minutes and relax
                                  on the porch with a cup of hot tea.
                                     The old rocking chair and the handmade throw over it were both
                                     thrift finds. Come to think of it the pillow and china were as well!
                                A quick trip around the garden and I can still pick a little bouquet.
                                                           It is cosy and warm in the sunshine.
                                          My dutch windmill birdhouse was from Winners a few years ago.

Take a few minutes to dream of next years perfect country garden.

                 We went for a drive in the country yesterday afternoon to enjoy some of
                             the beautiful fall colors as the season is going by so quickly.
                             Before we know it ,we will be decorating for the winter/Christmas
My book of some of my favorite home and garden photos.

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                             I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
                             and My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

                              Thank you,Brenda for featuring me on Creative Bloggers of the Week at                                                   Cozy Little House.
                             Thank you for visiting,

Rusty Scale, Baby Pumpkins and Pinecones

Last week I took my parents to several antique stores.
I brought home this old rusty scale.

The tiny pumpkins were for sale at one store for $2 per scoop.
They are as small and smaller than a penny.
Aren't they so cute?
I mixed them in with some mini pine cones that I purchased at the craft store last year.
The scale is pretty heavy with original rust on the whole thing.
I love it there but you know what is going to happen?
My boys are going to throw those little baby pumpkins all over the place. Like the throw pillows...
I scream "don't throw my throw pillows". That just doesn't sound right.
I'm moving the "pumpkin babies" up high for safe keeping.

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