time for Christmas presents

: : greenergrass design has expanded their product offerings extensively since I last visited. I was browsing their collection today for some Christmas presents and found soo many great things! they have a great giftguide, offering gifts in all price categories.

a bowling pin lamp that turns off when it is knocked over. a hip/shoulder ammo bag from silent revolution. [ I want this! perfect for going out and for everyday] bubbly coasters in different colors and a collection of melamine plates from .bob's your uncle. [which is a local, Boston, based company.big fan.]

vitamin living

: : lots of dual functions and interesting controversial approaches...vitamin living .a life less ordinary. is just that...a life less ordinary. most of their products are out of the ordinary. here an urban gnome and a combined ashtray and flower vase.

my new tote bag!

: : this weekend was my birthday, which was celebrated in the wilderness of the Adirondacks, just me and Iz...and the bears.

and of course, on birthday morning there was cake, balloons and presents....not just any present...a fabulous orange Lotta Jansdotter tote! somebody had been paying attention, as I had clearly expressed my love for Lotta Jansdotter's work when doing an interview with her for d*sponge's guestblog. Tack älskling!

hannah louise lamb

: : these pieces are too beautiful to pass up.... .hannah louise lamb's. jewelry on .papa stour.

: : wears+wares

: :...unfortunately one day late for this weekend, but still with plenty of weekends to come...lovely .kelly. of etcetera media decided to keep the south end open market going through the winter and started .wears + wares. together with a friend. at different locations, all located in central Boston, she's gathering local artists to come sell their products. be sure to visit them at the ritz next weekend, 11.28, for some holiday shopping.

thank you kelly!

Satinbox in Cambridge

: : ... I was out and about, trying to get some of my things on my "to.do.list" checked off, walking over to the hardware store by Porter Sq. and found satinbox. I immediately remember reading about this adorable design store " in a box" on d*sponge a few months ago when they opened. but I had no idea that they were located around the corner from my house! I stepped inside and found .tim., who owns satinbox together with his wife. They just recently moved from San Francisco to Boston and decided to set up their store here, located on 353 Beacon Street, in between Inman and Porter Sq. Cambridge, MA. All of the items in their store are also available online. But if you're in the area, I strongly recommend a visit. You won't miss it, there's only one box on Beacon St....the satinbox.

art hotel

: : my friend .leo. found this fantastic art hotel in Berlin! it just seem more authentic and true than other places that I have seen like this. so, if you're traveling in the direction of Berlin..check out...kuenstlerheim

[found via reddit]

wall creations

: : well, I'm still in textile and wallpaper mode after my guestblogging on d*sponge. wonderful pattern creations at pvanb and a lovely website as well. definitely worth checking out. a Dutch company I believe.

the simplest chair

: : halloj. I'm happy to be back in my red.house again. unfortunately my two week adventure on d*sponge kept me too busy to update my own blog. but now I'm back, and excited about a stack of posts that I have saved up.

A friend of mine, .ulf jansson. , a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Lunds University, Sweden, designed this wonderful chair which deserves a lot of attention. It's incredibly Scandinavian to me through it's absolute simplicity, purity and use of materials.

It's called .the simplest chair.
This pine wood chair, made from one single plank, originates from an antique Andalusian birth chair. The construction is very light, less than 4,4 lbs (2 kg) and with its architectural and modest expression it is ideally suited for café environments. The chair is still in prototype stage looking for a producer and best of all, despite its uncomfortable looks, it is extremely comfortable!

to contact .ulf. send him an e.mail at Ulf.Jansson@condesign.se



: : I found this fantastic website iBride via Moco Loco the other day. They have a great line of products, especially their animal furniture series where the legs are shaped as the lower half of dogs, deers and ostriches. They also have one of the most beautiful websites I have seen! Their graphics are beautiful! Check it out right here.

Green conference

: : hello. I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to update red.house much this past week. d*sponge's guestblogging is taking up all my free time. I will be back with many more exciting posts next week. for now, follow me on d*sponge.

I just wanted to post about a local event in Boston this weekend. IDSA, the Industrial Design Society of America, Boston is hosting a Green Conference at Mass Art this Saturday Nov. 11th for anyone who might be interested. They have some great speakers lined up. Check it out on their website.

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