easy sewing

: : this makes a lot of sense. big eye needle by .woo moon-hyung.
{discovered via .notcot.}

the red balloon

: : watched the red balloon {le ballon rouge} a few nights ago. what a wonderful movie! I love the contrast of the balloons to the surroundings. especially when the red and the blue balloon meet...

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: : HAPPY NEW YEAR! : : absolutely amazing paperwork art by .yulia brodskaya.
{discovered via one of my very favorite blogs .oh joy.}

Snowed in

: : my family just arrived from Sweden. they were lucky to be the last plane to land in Boston today. The snow's been falling since Friday afternoon and we're completely snowed in. So, today we'll spend keeping warm inside, watching the snow fall outside. Feels like Christmas is here!
God Jul!

our couch: : before & after

before. in progress & after photos

: : Iz and I spent thanksgiving weekend re-upholstering our couch that we bought for $50 on craigslist. It was custom made in the 70's for the family that we bought it from. we thought it had nice modern, clean lines and decided to re-upholster it ourselves. With no previous experience I thought it would take us weeks. We did it in pretty much 3 days, there were a few final touch ups that had to be made the weekend after, but we are both VERY happy with the result. a little proud even..... we think it came out really nice. *smile*. it used to be in a green/gold tweed fabric, it is now in a natural/off white canvas fabric. it used to be smelly, it now feels clean and fresh!
: : hello : : work has taken over my life at the moment as everything has to get done before the holidays. I apologize for not spending much time here on the blog with all of you . I promise I will be back, we're almost done.... : :
see you in a bit!

Small Touches for the Holidays

You don't have to break the bank or take 2 weeks to decorate for the holidays. I think I would rather have a few things in each of my rooms (even the bathroom!) Then one or two rooms over done. Thats me tho, how about you? Do you go all out? I love these pictures because they all have a festive feeling without being over the top.

pattern inspiration

: : when I'm looking for graphic inspiration I always browse through .print & pattern. This week I'm feeling particularly inspired by these patterns. all can be found on.print & pattern. they've all got elements of traditional folkart, and lots of great details. I am particularly fond of the plate with the curvy, bold pattern.

Something Different for Christmas

Traditions are what the holidays are all about but sometimes its fun to think outside the box. How about a herb tree or a twig card holder? A door decoration not in the usual round shape. Just a note, I will be blogging more next week. I was out of town for the Thanksgivng holiday so look for more post next week!

thanksgiving recap

: : the weekend is almost here again, and I never got a chance to post some photos from our thanksgiving weekend. it was absolutely glorious to have a few days off, with no commitments, no times to keep, just taking the day as it came (maybe that is only a Swedish expression).

we had a delicious dinner on thanksgiving. master chef .iz. cooked up delicious chicken breasts, served over Israeli couscous on a bacon, date puree complimented by a red wine reduction. heavenly. way better than turkey dinner!

A butternut squash, pomegranate, walnut salad was served on the side, together with delicious pumpkin cranberry bread [lena corwin's recipe].

H&M home

: : Swedish fashion giant H&M is releasing a line of home accessories, H&M Home!! I was so excited to hear the news! Apparently it's been in the works for a while, I must have been out of the loop because I didn't know anything about it until my friend .erica. emailed me this weekend and told me that .frida. at .husmusen. had posted the news. Read more about it on .husmusen's blog.

I have no idea what to expect from an H&M home line. Will it be similar to IKEA? and will they sell in the US too?

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