Small but Charming Kitchens


Most people do not look for a small kitchen when they buy a house or rent a place. The norm now is huge kitchens with giant islands. Yes, even I have to admit, it would be nice. But there is something about a small kitchen I really love. When you have enough room for a table and not much more, then its good for me. Like a small cafe, enough room for only your bestest pals. Love that. If you are space challenged in the kitchen the best advice I can give is watch what you use for furniture. I use to have these big spindle tall chairs that visually ate up room. I bought the slim low profile mod morrow chair from Pottery Barn and they give the room a more open feel. Your kitchen may be small but your charm value can be big. The above pictures prove that!

Outdoor Showers

About 2 years ago I picked up a wooden outdoor shower at Target. It was on sale for 1/2 off and I had to have it. When I brought it home, my husband gave me a very puzzled look. I've always had a love for the idea of showering outdoors. My dream shower would really be indoors with windows all around (and privacy of course.) I'm far from being a exhibitionist, I think it has to do with water and the outdoors. Anyways, since then, ever time I see a picture of a outdoor shower I save it. Even if its for just rinsing sand off, I love em'. The payback for my purchase? Our
plumbing went out one morning shortly after I bought it. There stood my hubby, in his swim trunks, taking a outdoor shower before work! He never said another word!

naked and angry

: : submit your prints to .naked and angry. and your pattern might end up being their next big sell. .naked and angry. creates wallpaper, with your patterns! submit your pattern and if you get enough votes it will become the inspiration for their next wallpaper, and you can win
$ 500! so get to it!

a little help?

: : found this beauty in a vintage design store in .montreal. a few weeks ago when I was visiting my sister. it's got a swiveling teak arm, and the profile of the lamp itself is just beautiful. it's like a happy cloud hanging next to my bed.

but I was hoping for some help, all I know is that it's a danish design, made in .denmark. in the 60's.....but I'd love to find out more about it, so if you've seen similar lamps, or have any information about this one, I would love to know. I've googled, searched e.bay....but can't seem to find anything. I'm hoping you guys can help me out. thank you!

: : update : : new photos of the lamp. I keep staring at it. my friend .maiya. has developed lamp envy. maybe these photos will her make her more jealous? so far, no lead on its origin. it might remain a mystery.

Small Bathrooms

I have mentioned that my small house has a really large backyard. It is so nice to have. Now, the worst part of my home. Only one bathroom! Ok ok so there is only one. Only one to clean!! The real problem is, its the size of a postage stamp! You would think having one bath they would have made it larger. Nope. Small baths need not lack style. I put in a pedestal sink. Crazy to loose under sink space? Not really. It made the bath feel bigger. I also put in a huge mirror. That helps tons! I do have a linen closet right outside the door, so that helps. I guess what I'm saying is, tiny does not have to be with out style. I do find that it helps to limit your colors to 1-3. White goes with all so its a good starting part. Most people have lots of white in a bath. Use lots of vertical space. Target has some really nice pieces and cabs for baths now that are very well priced. Keep out what is pretty and hide the rest! (before I get asked, none of the above baths are mine! I will always mention in the post when a photo is of my house)

Bedside Tables

Bedside tables in small spaces are a luxury not to be taken lightly! I've gone threw 3 tries before getting mine just right. It ended up being a small chest with 4 drawers in the front. I love the white square one pictured, but I had to face facts. I'm not neat enough to keep something like that looking the way it should. You can adjust that square to fit just about any size space. My teen aged daughters room had only 1 logical place for her bed. The space for a side table was so tiny, nothing worked. I had a old suitcase that belonged to her grandfather and it fits great. Sometimes all you really need is a spot for a clock and glass of water. We put her sheets in the case for storage (her room is with sheepskin rug). I've used baskets stacked, side chairs, books, you name it. If you have no room on the sides of your bed, try shelving above the headboard. Remember tho, something above your head can fall on your your head! Do be careful trying that!

Time to Get Outdoors

The weather where I live has been wonderful. I love spring time. It gives the spirit such a boost. It does not matter how many times you experience it, it only seems to be more glorious each year. The air is clearer, the sun so bright. Tonic for the soul! Even if you have a small yard, get outside and enjoy!


: : found joom on etsy. seems like I was the last one. because later I found it on a few other blogs. wonderful stuff.


I have to say, I've never been a huge fan of the color blue, but I sure have taken a second look these days. Seems blue is not just the color of the sky anymore! My inner teen loves the bright aqua's. Makes me feel like a pool party will break out at any time! My more sophisticated side loves the blue grays. The first time I remember seeing that shade was when Restoration Hardware came out with "Silver Sage"... a classic color now. Right now, I do not have much blue in my home, but I've been thinking my next master bedroom redo will have some calming blues in it.

dream of stars

: : lovely art on etsy by .dream of stars.

Office in a Box


If you do not have a lot of space for a home office, take heart. Today there are all sorts of armories devoted for the smaller home office. You may want to use a antique secretary, works great if you have a portable lap top. Its nice to know at the end of the day you can "close shop" and not have to look at your stuff. This type of set up makes it perfect for any place in the house! If you need a small place to sort mail and pay bills, cubbies are great for that! Don't be afraid to think outside of the home office box! (Ok bad pun, I know!)

Finding Space

I love looking online and in magazines for new and interesting ways to store things. When moving into a new house or apartment, its a good idea to live in the space awhile to get a feel for the home and how you may use it . A natural pattern will emerge and it will help you to set up your home. Clipping pictures of spaces you like is great to have on hand when you need some inspiration. Make your house work for you, not the other way around!

Open Kitchen Storage

I'm seeing more and more open storage in kitchens these days. I can't quite figure out if its a look that's here to stay or not. Personally, I think it looks fantastic. One is prettier then the next and the creativity level is fantastic. I do wonder how disciplined you'd have to be to keep things just so. I have to admit tho, quite a few of my things would NOT look good on open shelving. Gladware? Hardly! Still, some of the dishes I own are pretty enough to be star of the show. I would like to think some kitchen redo down the road I would love to go this route. Do you think you could pull off this look?

Pendent Lighting

So many times trends come and go and most of the time I'm glad they went. Pendent lighting is not one of those trends! I love pendent lighting! I think its because there are so many options and creative ways to make it work in your home. For the small space, its great because it can free up so much room. The designs keep coming, from all sorts of colors and materials. To free up much needed space, consider the pendent light.

My Love for the Eat in Kitchen

Every home I've ever lived in has had a eat in kitchen. Maybe that's where my love for them comes in. Nothing is as cozy as a table in the kitchen, no matter how big or small your house is. I know the first picture is not a small kitchen but I just had to post it. Its so beautiful!

swedish design women

: : a hot tip from .tina. again...Swedish designer .margot barolo. everything from ceramics, to lamps, to textiles. another name to keep your eyes open for is .märta friman. close friends, together they designed these stools for .svenskt tenn.

vintage furniture

: : I bought a beautiful Danish vintage lamp when I was in Montreal visiting my sister. I will post pics as soon as I have mounted it on the wall. yes, it mounts on the wall and protrudes out like a beautiful sculpture. you'll see.

but since finding the lamp I've been on a vintage furniture kick, searching both online and in local antique stores for special finds. I've been especially hooked on large lamps, like these two Danish beauties above. or how about a .hans wegner.papa bear chair. ?

there are some really good vintage furniture places to check out here

Letters and Numbers

I don't know how many people enjoy whimsy in their decor styles, but I always have. I love using letters and numbers especially. I have big black letters in my kitchen that say DINE. One of my favorite things are my bright white coffee cups that say COFFEE in type print on them. I recently scored some old enamel hotel room numbers and put them on my hotel cubby box (you can see them in a older post named "Found Space"). I think I'll always like using letters and numbers when I decorate!

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