: : red.house on apartment therapy

: : I'm not in Sweden quite yet.....my plane leaves in a few hours. and I wanted to share some exciting news before I left.

my friends .eric & abby. just informed me that our apartment has made it onto .apartment therapy.! how fun it was to read someone else's description of our place! thank you apartment therapy!! I'm thrilled and honored!

okay, now I'm leaving....for real this time. see you in a few weeks!!

swedish summer

: : if you want to know where to find me for the next two weeks. I'll be here. at my favorite place in the world. with no cellphone, no access to internet..... just family, friends, good food, croquet and lots and lots of swimming. happy summer to everyone! glad sommar!!

romantic bedrooms

: : I like these romantic bedrooms at sk├Ânahem.se [a Swedish interior design magazine]. we just bought the IKEA bedframe in the first photo. now I need to find an old chair with some character.... And I like the idea of lavender in the bedroom.

4 Decor Things I Love Right Now

1. The use of creamy colors

2. Denim Furniture (its probably a "out" but I'll always love it)

3. The use of small space done really well

4. Big school like sinks.

Whats making you "ooo and ahh" in the decor department these days???

The Art of the Mix

Some people just know how to mix things up. I'd like to think I can, but I often see pictures that make me think how clever. Thats why I like magzines and the internet. Its so inspiring to see how creative people can get. In a small space you really have to be creative!

Where do your guest sleep?

A daybed tucked in a corner? Outdoors somehow? Futon or pull out couch? My sister comes twice a year with her 2 kids. With only 3 bedrooms it makes it hard but we make due. Air mattress's help tons, great solution with small kids. How do YOU handle overnight guest? A nice room at the Holiday Inn?

Keeping it Simple

I think sometimes the best way to make a small space larger is to keep it simple. Simple colors along with the things you need and the things that make you smile. Our minds are bombarded with information all day long. Its nice to come home to a calm peaceful house!

July 4th

For those of you in the United States, have a safe and fun holiday! I will be back on monday and blogging more often, until then....

vintage orange

: : check out these beauties!! CATHRINEHOLM ENAMEL KETTLE and FINEL ENAMEL PAN can both be found on flaska, a Japanese online shop for vintage Scandinavian stuff. how did it all make it to Japan?


: : i hope this coming long weekend will be just as relaxing as last weekend was. on the left: our breakfast on the balcony on saturday. on the right: our champagne brunch with friends on sunday. happy 4th of july!!!!

: : the colors of our new home: :

: : hurray!! finally I have some photos to share with you all! we had a little house warming party this weekend and had to get the place in order, so I took the opportunity to snap some quick photos. we're lovin' our apartment!! and we were so happy to share it with our friends this weekend. above are photos of the .dining room. and .living room. the dining room wall is a pretty turquoise, our four yellow eames chairs complement it nicely. the table is what I used as my desk at my old apartment. we're on the hunt for a dinner table that could host at least 8 people for dinner. but this will have to do for now. it's just big enough to fit the silicone table cloth that my sister and brother gave me [by wisdesign]

in the living room the wall is painted in japanese fern, the eames lounge is a reproduction, and sooo comfortable. the fabric on the ottoman was a present from my best friend .louise. who works for a textile company in Sweden.
the kitchen is long and narrow, so we have extended it out into the diningroom and bought one large kitchen island and two small ones to make up for the lack of storage. and now it's the social spot of the house. everyone comes to hang by the kitchen island while drinks are served and food is being cooked. my swedish cookie box I found on swedish ebay .tradera.
the tea box is from an adorable little market in Quebec and the orange pyrex bowl we bought at a fleamarket in Virginia.
the bedroom is heavenly in the afternoons when the sun fills the whole room. the front balcony is right off the bedroom. up until this point, the balcony has been the most frequently used 'room' of the house. at night the balcony looks so cozy with lights wrapping around the railing. we also just started a small herb garden out there. funny how incredibly satisfying gardening can be? who would have thought?

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