: : the colors of our new home: :

: : hurray!! finally I have some photos to share with you all! we had a little house warming party this weekend and had to get the place in order, so I took the opportunity to snap some quick photos. we're lovin' our apartment!! and we were so happy to share it with our friends this weekend. above are photos of the .dining room. and .living room. the dining room wall is a pretty turquoise, our four yellow eames chairs complement it nicely. the table is what I used as my desk at my old apartment. we're on the hunt for a dinner table that could host at least 8 people for dinner. but this will have to do for now. it's just big enough to fit the silicone table cloth that my sister and brother gave me [by wisdesign]

in the living room the wall is painted in japanese fern, the eames lounge is a reproduction, and sooo comfortable. the fabric on the ottoman was a present from my best friend .louise. who works for a textile company in Sweden.
the kitchen is long and narrow, so we have extended it out into the diningroom and bought one large kitchen island and two small ones to make up for the lack of storage. and now it's the social spot of the house. everyone comes to hang by the kitchen island while drinks are served and food is being cooked. my swedish cookie box I found on swedish ebay .tradera.
the tea box is from an adorable little market in Quebec and the orange pyrex bowl we bought at a fleamarket in Virginia.
the bedroom is heavenly in the afternoons when the sun fills the whole room. the front balcony is right off the bedroom. up until this point, the balcony has been the most frequently used 'room' of the house. at night the balcony looks so cozy with lights wrapping around the railing. we also just started a small herb garden out there. funny how incredibly satisfying gardening can be? who would have thought?


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