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I've changed the look to the blog. Let me know what you think. If you like the old better, I can be talked into changing it back! Thanks!

Pretty Dining Rooms

Although these rooms are not small small they do show how simple can be perfect for the dining room. I'm not a big fan of the table that has hardly any room for the food. I myself do not have a formal dining room, but I think a eat in kitchen can have as much style as these rooms do, just scale down to the must haves and good conversation. Do you have a formal dining room and if so do you use it everyday?

happy friday!

: : this picture makes me happy! Swedish furniture store .R.O.O.M. found via .emma's.

Iz and I are off to the big .apple. to meet up with my parents who are "in town" [or is it "in country"] this week with some of their friends. have a fabulous weekend!

heat sensitive wallpaper

: : found this wonderfully strange wallpaper by .shiyuan. the pink flowers 'grows' when the radiator is on, and disappear when the radiator is off.

via a new Swedish blog .hemmariket. that my mom shared with me.


: : My mom recently reminded me of Swedish furniture company .swedese. they have some very inspirational imagery of their furniture available on their website. you've probably come across the .clothing tree. before, they have so many wonderful pieces. classic Scandinavian style with a modern look.

Fireplace Mantles

Fireplace mantels (for me anyways) are one of the hardest things to decorate. Basically a simple shelf to adorn however you see fit. Yeah, fits alright. I've gone months trying to figure out what to do with mine. For me I've found the simpler the better. I start trying to get cute and it just turns out bad. I look at pictures to inspire me. Right now I have 2 candles on holders and a long bowl between them. Come Christmas, I'll be back to the drawing board! How do you like your mantel done??

The Clawfoot Tub

I don't know if the clawfoot tub is the first thing you'd think of for a small space, but it seems the trend of using this sort of tub is sticking around. I myself have never been in one, but they are so charming, I've always thought I needed one (even though I take a "bath" about once or twice a year.) Does anyone have one? What do you like and dislike about it? On a side note- sorry I have not been blogging as much. I'm hoping to pick the pace back up next week! I've been so busy with family stuff! Have a great weekend everyone!

Swedish style for the little ones

: : came across these little guys on .emma's designblog. a Swedish company, called .smallstep. , designing sweat shop free stylish clothes for the little ones. check it out!


: : found fellow Scandinavian .maija puoskari. [Finnish] on .bloesem. I love the play of geometry and color in these pieces.

creative offices inspiration

: : my lovely Swedish friend .erica. found this gallery tour of creative offices in Sweden online. My favorite is the ping.pong table [picture above]. I think I might suggest that for our office. *smile*
anyways, the photos are very inspirational, take the tour!

Pottery Barn Christmas Preview

I admit it, the first nip in the air and my thoughts turn to Christmas. Ok, just for a bit, but the older I get, the more a year feels like only a few months. Pottery Barn has a few Xmas shots out and I like what I see. Lots of red, which is always good. My favorite color combo for xmas is bright whites with green and silver. Is it time to get out the naught and nice list already?? Have a great weekend! (oh and its 52 degrees where I live right now, Christmas thoughts are aloud!)

my first 1/2 marathon

: : I did it !! : : we did it !! : : 2.16.36 : : not the most flattering photo, but here we are a few feet away from the finish line.

thank you everyone for your support. yes, you all guessed it right, it was the applefest 1/2 marathon. a beautiful run through neighborhoods, woods, pumpkin fields and apple orchards. it was hot, but we took it slow, made sure we drank a lot at every water station. time was definitely not an issue, more just a matter of making it. in the end I was proud of our time.

I took me two days to recover from the muscle aces, and five days to recover from the food cravings...and believe me, I gave in to all of them, I haven't felt like eating anything remotely healthy until today. I think it's time to get back to my usual eating habits.

A Soft Place to Fall

I'm such a sucker for a comfy bed. I've posted about this before and I will probably post about it again. I love something about all 3 of these rooms. I've never been one for a overly dressed bed. Too fancy makes me nervous!!

: : marathon weekend : :

image : :

: : believe it or not, this weekend I am running a 1/2 marathon, that's 13 miles [21 kilometers], for me, about 2 1/2 hours of running. first time I've ever run that far.

there is a reason why I run this race in October, apart from the colorful fall leaves, pumpkins, apple orchards and apple pie that they serve you after the race. the reason is that it is usually cooler around this time of year, 65 degrees or so is common, perfect conditions for long distance running.

not this year. I wouldn't complain any other day, but it is still summer in Boston, with 80 degrees and 80% humidity. perfect for the beach, not for 13 miles of running. so squeeze your thumbs for me tomorrow [Swedish expression for" keeping your fingers crossed"].

have a wonderful long weekend!

: : dibbern : :

: : you know me, anything in bright colors will get my attention. my lovely friend .tina. told me about .dibbern. Of course I am already in love with this series of solid bright colors. thanks .tina.!

susanne schjerning

: : fellow Scandinavian, Danish artist .susanne schjerning. has some lovely work. feminine, romantic and colorful.

From Around Blog World

After a long weekend of surrendering to fall (we put the pool cover on...sigh) Whats a blogger to do? Be lazy and show you some really pretty pictures from other blogs. From top to bottom these shots are from Girl Meets Glamour, Dream House, and Bueller Designs. Great work ladies!

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