A Touch Of Frost!

Yesterday everything was covered with a layer of frost so I went for an early walk with my camera. We are getting a few mild days where the snow will start to melt but more snow for Sunday but,never fear spring is on the way!
Anyway,this is life on P.E.I. an when spring and summer do arrive we appreciate it all the more for the wait. I do enjoy winter but sometimes it drags on a little too long. A friend called and said they are going south for a month -now that's a smart plan!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Yesterday was a beautiful frosty morning!

There was a white haze over the Island

Someone asked if we still have snow- yeah, a little bit! (HeHe)

We went to The Best of P.E.I. and picked up a delicious lunch to take home if you have never been there and you are an Islander check them out.

Very good and all made fresh with Island products.

A little cup of tea anyone? My daughter gave me the quilt throw in the background=how nice it matched my $2. teapot (hehe)


Making an Entrance!

Yesterday I decided to tackle a project I have been thinking about for awhile,our porch which is the main entrance to our home. I think it is amazing the change you can make with a can of paint. The curtains were from a thrift store as was the curtain rod( I need one more).I still have a few changes to make -my husband is going to hang a small chandelier for me and then the room is ready for spring. I love how fresh the room looks now-hope fall doesn't find me looking for my old paint can to warm up the room!!!

This hallstand was my parents but I gave it a coat of paint.I need to find the rest of my summer hat collection but this is it today.

Notice the new garden statue Andrew gave me for Valentine's Day.She can't wait until spring when she can go out in the garden.!

This is what the room looked like at Christmas.

My Snow Day!

Yesterday we had another snow day on P.E.I. where schools were cancelled and some business's in the morning until roads were cleared. I often enjoy a day of baking when it is blustery outdoors and warm and cosy inside. So here I am sharing my snow day with you.What do you like to do on a snow day?

more snow

our brook-photo taken from our bedroom window yesterday.

oatmeal bread rising

second rising in the pans

oatmeal bread- hot out of the oven- smells and tastes so good

lunch is served!

cream of vegetable soup

tulips bought from our local tulip warehouse $5.00 a bundle

some ingredients for homemade granola-I love it on fruit salad with yogurt and granola on top-healthy!


Double ginger cookies -yum so good!

Blueberry muffins for my Mom and some of her friends at the home.

I have an amazing 90 year old neighbour Erna that I stopped this little gift of to yesterday.She was especially pleased with the little loaf of bread.

A jar of my soup a loaf of bread and a pretty bouquet of tulips for my friend Marie who fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago.

T.he sun setting over our road where we love to go for our daily(almost) walks.

So that was my snow day.

A Little Bit of Pink!

Maybe I should have called my post a bit of pink and a whole lot of white because we had another snowstorm last night with approx. 6 inches of snow and high winds. Schools are cancelled and a lot of work places (in a.m.) and my poor husband is out shovelling again. I am going to make a big pot of soup and some homemade bread-our favorite comfort food for a snowy day.
It is pretty out today so I hope to get out with my camera later. In the mean time I hope you enjoy a little bit of pink!
Take care,

We moved the chaise out to the sunroom-hoping to catch a few rays of sun while enjoying a cup of tea.

A new trift find-this pretty tablecloth was only $2.

Love these tulips!

Some of you asked how Lila and her Mom are doing and I am happy to say amazing! Lila is growing and sleeps and nurses well. She is definitely a keeper!

I love how relaxed she looks sleeping with her little arms up over her head.

This was big brother Noah's first reaction to Lila's homecoming but he has adjusted nicely when he realized Mommy still has time for him too!


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