Dreams of Spring and an award!

It is a cold but sunny day here today with rain coming tomorrow. First I would like to mention that I was given an award from my friend Cielo at 'The house in the Roses' a couple of days ago.I am so honored to have Cielo call me her kindred spirit because I have been admiring her for some time now as she is a very creative,romantic dear person.It is always uplifting to visit her and if you don't already know her grap a cup of tea and pay her a visit you will be so glad you did!

It has been busy here and I am going to take a couple of days off from "the blog" as I want to help my daughter and little Lila get off to a good start. It seems Lila likes to sleep all day but nurse all night so in the mean time I hope you enjoy a few spring time photos and you can dream along with me.
Also,I would like to thank everyone for their lovely comments and prayers for Emily and Lila.We are so thankful to have them home and all that all went well.
Enjoy your week and hope to see you in two or three days. Take care!


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