Tea Time

We have been busy lately so I am just sharing a couple of tea time collages I put together from my old photos.

We were in to visit Emily(my poor baby looked so tired) and the adorable little Lila Rachel-7lbs.50z.. We are so thankful they have been blessed with a beautiful healthy baby and that Emily is doing well also. I took lots of pictures but the auto focus is not working on my camera for some unknown reason and the room was dark so they are mostly out of focus.

Emily had a c-section but she is only going to be in the hospital 3 days if all goes well.Fortunately her husband has a month off so that will help little Noah too with the adjustment of not having Mommy's full attention and they are only a mile away from "my two Grandpa's "as Noah calls us,not sure how to take that but he does love to tease!

Sunny and cold here today but rain for Sunday.

Hope you have a good day!


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