This flow blue picture is aprox. 10 inches tall.

This is the big picture and basin used for washing yourself in the day's before indoor plumbing!Aren't we spoiled now with all our luxury's?

The blue bowl above is a new addition but it matches pretty good.

This is another one of my Grandparent's treasures -a well used Bible with all their children's births and marriages recorded. When I was little I thought this was great as I could figure out how old Dad and my Aunt's and Uncles were!

This is my Grandparents wedding picture in the original frame.It is a black and white photo that color was added to, as well as some hand painted additions like the plant and table. This picture hung in the family home until my Uncle(the last of their family passed away) when it was given to me and it hangs in our family room over the fireplace.


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