more snow

our brook-photo taken from our bedroom window yesterday.

oatmeal bread rising

second rising in the pans

oatmeal bread- hot out of the oven- smells and tastes so good

lunch is served!

cream of vegetable soup

tulips bought from our local tulip warehouse $5.00 a bundle

some ingredients for homemade granola-I love it on fruit salad with yogurt and granola on top-healthy!


Double ginger cookies -yum so good!

Blueberry muffins for my Mom and some of her friends at the home.

I have an amazing 90 year old neighbour Erna that I stopped this little gift of to yesterday.She was especially pleased with the little loaf of bread.

A jar of my soup a loaf of bread and a pretty bouquet of tulips for my friend Marie who fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago.

T.he sun setting over our road where we love to go for our daily(almost) walks.

So that was my snow day.


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