Island Romance

Hello Everyone,
     Today,I thought I would share some of my favorite shots that I took from around the Island-Prince Edward Island that is.I love the peacefulness of these shots.
Knox Dam


The lighthouse at Victoria-by-the Sea. I love the lupins too.
Fort Amhearst
The little fishing village of French River

Living on a small Island means lots of shots of the sea.
Spinnaker's Landing in Summerside.
Rural P.E.I.
Beautiful sunsets at the beach.
Now doesn't this make you want to come and visit our lovely little Island???
Now,for my news flash-my garden photos have been published in this lovely garden magazine that just came out now. I got my copies in the mail today!

So this is a little more Island Romance!
Sorry for the glare on the picture.
Happy Weekend to you all!

I am joining The Rose Garden of Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Thank you for visiting,


My Secret to Glazing Cabinets etc...

I make rustic furniture for my small local business.  For several years I have used this simple recipe for beautifully antiqued looking wood. I have a secret "antiquing/glazing" technique that I am going to share with you.
I find that light color paints are especially hard to "glaze" so I've tried several methods to get the glazed and antiqued look just right.
This is what works best for me.

~~~My secret weapon~~~

Generic Baby Oil!

I recently glazed cream color cabinets for a client of mine.
Here's how:

Once the cabinets are painted I take my hand sander with 120 grit paper.
Carefully sand small areas where the cabinets might naturally wear over time.
Once the desired amount of wood is showing through use a tack cloth to clean the cabinets of dust.

Next - use a very small paint brush to apply ebony or walnut stain to the exposed wood and to the turned part of the cabinet creases (a little goes a long way). Only do one door or drawer at a time - otherwise this method won't work. You must work quickly.

After you apply the stain use baby oil on an old T-shirt and wipe (with pressure) the stained areas until the stain color is all blended. Practice your technique on a low drawer or door first so you can get a feel for how quickly you have to work and how much pressure you'll need to apply to get the stain to "move" around.

Once you have blended the stain your cabinet should look something like this:

Let the stain dry for a day or two before sealing with poly.  Make sure the cabinets are clean and free of oil before applying any sealer.

I have tried using glaze mixed with a small amount of stain and I always come up with a pink or purple hue. This "baby oil technique" is easier and leaves your cabinets the true color you wanted them - with a bit of rustic accent.

I use this technique for furniture and anything wood that I want to look aged or antiqued.
It's been my secret recipe for beautifully antiqued wood pieces...

Now it's yours.

A Sun Room Tea

Hello everyone,
      It was a sunny but still cool day here today -the perfect day to enjoy a little quiet time in the sunroom.
The wicker rocker got a fresh coat of paint and I made a new rosebud pillow to go on it.
I love the pink,green and white mix in this hydrangea.
Some sugar coolies on a vintage plate.
More vintage china.
 A pretty bouquet.
More dainty rosebuds.

Sweet little fairies sitting on the windowsill.

Well ,it was nice to relax in the sun room for a  tea break on a sunny day-don't you think?

My daughter and I just got home from the gym- the rush is on to make sure I fit back into my summer clothes before the weather warms up!!! I always love getting out my summer clothes after the more drab colors of winter.

Today,I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday , Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage and Show and Tell at My Romantic Home.

Combination Rooms

Here are some examples of combo spaces, especially living room kitchens. Soon will look at bedrooms in your living room !!


A few Realtors came this morning to take a little tour of our home.
Staging a home for the market is much different than decorating for actual living.
I positioned the couch and chairs to face each other as if people were sitting in them having a conversation. Smaller furniture pieces show off the floor and are more flexible to move around for traffic flow.
(A good rule of thumb... If you have a large room - bring furniture away from the walls and bring the seating close enough to hear the person in the seat across from you. It creates a cozy feel and actually makes the room feel larger.)

The fireplace is still the focal point in this room and the TV is sort of  - just there.

I removed the fluffy soft rug to show the painted floor. The rug was comfortable for the kids and the dog but I didn't want it to appear as if we were hiding the floor.
(plus - it smells better)

Here is a photo from before ....

The next room is our front music room.
I took off the white slipcover and let the blue sofa just be what it is...

All the family photos have been taken down. Less decor helps buyers focus on the room size and features like wainscoting and crown molding.

Here is this room from before...

I also removed items from the kitchen.

I removed the decor from above the cabinets so it looks clean and simple.

Here is a picture from before..

I left only white window panels up because that is what will stay with the house.
They are fresh and bright and not too "taste specific".

A simpler style for potential buyers.

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