A Gardener's Tea

Hello everyone,
      It seems as soon as we turn the calender to March we start seriously thinking of spring and to a gardener there is lots to plan for and dream about.

So over a good cup of tea, I am planning a few changes and additions for the garden.

I always like to grow a few packages of seeds indoors to add little bumps of color here and there.
Love these mauve/pink tulips.
A little finch nest that I rescued from a lilac bush.

I am enjoying some homemade oatmeal bread with my tea  as well today. I can't resist homemade bread hot out of the oven!

While having my tea, this little squirrel  decided to have his own snack on the windowbox.Those rosehips taste pretty good!
And out the other window I enjoy watching the birds and yes we still have snow!It is actually the norm for us to have snow here in March and even some years into April. I love all the seasons but winter is the one that seems to hang around a little too long here.However,I know that soon there will be all kinds of life springing up in the garden and there will be lots of color right through til  early November.
A woodpecker
So while enjoying my tea indoors for now, this gardener is dreaming of balmy summer nights in the garden.
Do you have any new plans for your garden this spring?

I am joining Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time today.

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