The Realtors are Coming....

We are moving!

Since our home is going up for sale I made a few changes.

My office is actually our formal dining room so I brought my picnic table out away from the wall and put a bench and a couple of slip covered chairs around it.  I bought some natural burlap for a table cloth (in the garden section at Ace) and lit a few candles in recycled jars.

This looks kind of like a shabby board room.....

A multi-purpose room.....

(drop your junk, work, craft, blog  and now even EAT & DRINK)

I'm trying to scale back my decor a bit but I just can't make it "generic"....
I'll take down those family photos soon.

(my dog looks dead but she is just really lazy)

 I took the big picture of my boys out and replaced it with a white framed mirror.

If you want this house...I will sell it to you -  =)
I will even leave it furnished & decorated so sweet for you!

We are moving to Virginia....
We are excited for the change.... new job for the hubby and looking forward to a fresh start!


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