Some Springtime Cheer

Oh, finally it is a beautiful sunny calm day here on the Island -crisp but not bitter.When we went for our walk the trees and shrubs were sparkling with frost and there was a little heat in the sun so I'm hoping that it it for the bitter cold this winter! I know there is a lot of winter left yet but as long as it isn't too cold to enjoy being out for awhile I won't complain.

The primulas below I picked up at Walmart for less then $1.50 each and they will bloom for quite awhile and then in spring I will plant them in the garden where they will last for years.It is so nice to have some spring color in the house this time of the year.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Two of my favorite things china and flowers!

My bouquet that I bought last week was fading so I saw this idea on some of Cindy's at My Romantic Home flicker favs and thought I would give it a try.

These little primulas are so cheery.

Pearls and Roses

I like the delicate look of the pearls with the little rose bud in the centre in the photos below. I am also slipping in some photos of our little granddaughters today-as these little 'pearls' are the roses in our lives!
It is so windy here today it would almost blow you away! Schools are cancelled as there is some black ice as well as the high winds so it is best to be safe at home. We missed most of the snow that other places got though. Maybe you've noticed on P.E.I we talk a lot about the weather!
So enough for now and enjoy your day!

Maybe you remember the beautiful skating dress I got at the thrift store that fit my sweet little granddaughter Jessica.I had these feather angel wings and I thought why not try an angel photo.Fortunately,our sweet little angel loves to have her picture taken and behaved very angelically! I used natural light but it was an overcast day so the wings don't show as much as I would like so we will have to try again on a sunny day but still I thought these were pretty cute.

Someday soon these two little sisters will be big enough to fit in the dress so they can be little angels too.

Olivia and Abby at Grandma's house-this carriage was our children's

I will miss domino

: : just read the sad news on d*sponge that domino is closing down. it was my favorite interior design magazine, and the only one I subscribed to. is this yet another sign of our economy going downhill or is it a sign of the digital times where newspapers, books and magazines all struggle to stay alive? I can't imagine a world without books, newspapers and magazines!

every now and then, more and more frequently now, am I reminded of our terrible economy. I try constantly to distract myself from all the gloomy news, and pretend like things are the same. but then I hear of a friend who's lost her job, or see a favorite store that's closed much worse will it get before it gets better?


: : .shepard fairey. a wonderful and very influential street artist. you've probably seen his famous obama illustration. he is currently decorating the streets of Boston with pieces from his new exhibit at the ICA {Boston Institute for contemporary art}. I found two on my way to work the other morning, and sadly discovered this morning that one of them had been painted over with white paint. the middle photo is my own, the rest you can find .here.

A Garden Tour

I enjoy going through the thousands of pictures I have of our garden on cold winter evenings with a cup of tea and a jounal at hand to write down any improvements I would like to make.These are a few of my favorite places to sit and enjoy the garden.I hope you will enjoy this stroll through our garden. You can click on these photos to enlarge them for a better view.

Favorite tea spots ,but the centre photo is on our screened porch which is my favorite reading place -so curl up with a good book and a glass of lemonade.I can hear the song of the birds now-can you?
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Peaches and Cream

I have been having more fun with my camera lately although it has been cut short today by my battery dying as I was trying a little different version of this vignette. However,I am especially pleased with the ballerina shoes as my little granddaughter has a ballerina theme in her room so I plan to blow one up and frame it for her room.

Yesterday my husband and I(oh! the joys of business for self) went to Summerside(45 min. drive) to check out my favorite treasure shop---Coulson's Antiques & Used Furniture Store-- and bought a few treasures which I will share later. I did get another taupe wing back chair for $30. which is a perfect match for one I already had so they will look good together.I will show the photos soon.

Anyway,it is slowly going to warm up here and I am going to get out and enjoy a nice walk before I do some baking.

Hope you have a good day!

I am going to enlarge one of these for Olivia's bedroom.

I got seven of these cups and eight saucers for $2. yesterday

the little creamer I bought there earlier for a few dollars.I

think they are so dainty!

In a Soft Light

These are some pictures that I took in our little sunroom when there was a nice soft light. Our sunroom is a lovely place to sit and have a cup of tea on a sunny day. In January and February you do need the heat of the sun though to make the room a warm cosy place to sit and read or have a nice cup of tea. Fortunately,we have had a lot of sunshine but, oh it is cold outside.
Hope you have a good day!

Small Bath Do's

Chances are if you have a small house you probably have a small bathroom. There are things you can do to make your bathroom feel larger. Use lots of white. Dark sinks can look great in a large bathroom, but if space is limited, go with white. Use lots of reflective and clear things. Glass shelves, large mirrors, all let light bounce around. If you have a window, let as much light in as possible. Lots of light always helps!

A Vintage Vignette and an Award

Yesterday was our photo shoot day for the "Island Living" magazine and I think it went well .They were here for three hours and took lots of pictures but of course only a few will make it to the magazine.
Island Living is a lovely magazine all about our very own Prince Edward Island -the people and places along with food etc. I think it is wonderful that we have our own magazine published bi-monthly showing how beautiful our Island really is. So we are proud to be featured in the issue coming out in a couple of months.I will share more with you then. They do have a web site if you would like to check them out at
Now for the photos I am sharing today I gathered a few vintage things and took a few pictures to share with you. I like how they turned out but then again I am easy to please!
I also want to tell you I won another award yesterday 'tickled pink 'from my friend in the pink slippers.This lovely lady has been blessed with six beautiful children and another one on the way.I know how busy she is as we also were blessed with seven beautiful children all of whom have grown up and flown from our nest.However ,we have many happy memories of that special time when all our children were young like her" little cupcakes." So take a few minutes and go and visit her at you will be glad you did.Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am passing it along to everyone on my blog list.
It is cold and sunny here today ,rain tomorrow,and cold again on Monday-strange weather! I hope you enjoy your weekend!

An old teddy bear,baby boots,picnic basket and lace

The book the teddy is 'reading' is one 'A Midsummers Night Dream' pased down from my husbands grandmothers family.

vintage lace brooch and maybe even a vintage woman, in the photo!

The fall issue of our Island magazine

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