A Lovely Gift & Some Bird Watching!

I received this lovely teapot and matching plate from a good friend for Christmas.They are ironstone made in England and I really love them. She also gave me the book "Glorious Gardens" A Portfolio of Ideas for Planting and Design which is a beautiful book from England as well. There are a few ideas that I hope to incorporate in our garden this year.I was all set to show the pictures when I read in the inside flap that it is forbidden to do so.So,it will have to wait until they are in our garden!
It is much milder here on the Island today, plus 4 Celsius and raining-much better then the -25 we had for a few days! The birds are very active at the feeders today,it must have been so cold for them the last few days. I have included some photos of some birds in our garden in the last few weeks.
Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your day.


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