A Vintage Vignette and an Award

Yesterday was our photo shoot day for the "Island Living" magazine and I think it went well .They were here for three hours and took lots of pictures but of course only a few will make it to the magazine.
Island Living is a lovely magazine all about our very own Prince Edward Island -the people and places along with food etc. I think it is wonderful that we have our own magazine published bi-monthly showing how beautiful our Island really is. So we are proud to be featured in the issue coming out in a couple of months.I will share more with you then. They do have a web site if you would like to check them out at http://www.islandlivingpei.com/
Now for the photos I am sharing today I gathered a few vintage things and took a few pictures to share with you. I like how they turned out but then again I am easy to please!
I also want to tell you I won another award yesterday 'tickled pink 'from my friend in the pink slippers.This lovely lady has been blessed with six beautiful children and another one on the way.I know how busy she is as we also were blessed with seven beautiful children all of whom have grown up and flown from our nest.However ,we have many happy memories of that special time when all our children were young like her" little cupcakes." So take a few minutes and go and visit her at http://thepinkslippers.blogspot.com/ you will be glad you did.Thank you so much for thinking of me and I am passing it along to everyone on my blog list.
It is cold and sunny here today ,rain tomorrow,and cold again on Monday-strange weather! I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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