Christmas in Sweden

: : hello from Sweden! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! "God forts├Ąttning", Swedish expression for " I wish you a continuing good Christmas"....that's what you say when you run into someone while you're out shopping at all the sales.

I meant to put up a quick post about me spending Christmas in Sweden, and that the blog would be on hold for a few days. But things got too rushed in the end....instead I'm posting this photo taken of the harbor by my Grandmother's [Farmors'] house on Christmas Eve. We were sad to not have any snow, but happy to at least have sunshine...this picture could just as well have been taken on a warm summer day.

I'll be back at the beginning of next week with a report from Sweden and pics of my design finds here. God forts├Ąttning!


so, my plan for my Friday night was to stay at home, do laundry, pack, wrap gifts and get ready for our Sweden trip. what happens?....I give my roommate a ride to a party, 20 minutes later I fidn myself at target and it's 10 PM. 10 minutes later than that...I'm standing with a basket full of oxo products, walking towards the register and of course pass the cleaning isle on the way.....and I just can't resist the beautiful .method. products, sitting on the shelf, happy and colorful. 5 minutes later, I'm looking around for a cart because my basket is now getting too heavy. 10 minutes later, I'm standing in the parking lot, with a giant target bag and $ 100 less in my bank account. but the method products look..oh, so good in our bathroom. I'm such a sucker for design! damnit!


: : I am always on the hunt for new dishes. I found precidioobjects via mocoloco
and completely fell in love with their sumani series. their organic forms are just beautiful!!!
also above is their sum series, a little bit more of an every day feel.

unica home

: : unica home's giftguide is also a hot tip. lots of items in every price range. an alessi egg cup and spoon holder.

online christmas shopping

: : as I was walking up the stairs to our apartment I noticed a pile of brown boxes at the top of the stairs. all of my online christmas shopping gifts....delivered to my home. could it be more convenient? why rush around in a crowded mall when you can shop from the comfort of your own home *smile*

here are some other good tips for online christmas shopping places. check out moss these iittala kivi votive candles are available on their site. luckily I am going home to Sweden on Sunday and can stock up on Swedish design for the next two weeks. Squeals! [.maiya. expression] I'm so excited!

netto collection

: : ...and more kids furniture. nettocollection
is a more modern approach, almost a bit retro.....


: : ...while I'm on the topic of kids furniture, here's some more fun stuff for kids...Deutch company momoll is taking a simplistic approach. there's a great article about momoll in this month's issue of ID.

fun for kids

: : playful and smart kids furniture at p'kolino button

: : welcome to the new and improved *smile*...only a small improvement... I'm switching to a button logo. more fun and easier to use.

bamboo furniture

: : came across iannone: sanderson when I was looking for sustainable furniture. not only do they design beautiful pieces of furniture, many of them use bamboo as the main material.

iannone: sanderson was founded in 2004 by .michael iannone. and .james sanderson. with a purpose to create good modern design. many of you might already be familiar with the .glowbox dresser. which is my favorite.

they're located in Philadelphia...I would love to peek into their studio next time I'm in Philly visiting .Iz.

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