so, my plan for my Friday night was to stay at home, do laundry, pack, wrap gifts and get ready for our Sweden trip. what happens?....I give my roommate a ride to a party, 20 minutes later I fidn myself at target and it's 10 PM. 10 minutes later than that...I'm standing with a basket full of oxo products, walking towards the register and of course pass the cleaning isle on the way.....and I just can't resist the beautiful .method. products, sitting on the shelf, happy and colorful. 5 minutes later, I'm looking around for a cart because my basket is now getting too heavy. 10 minutes later, I'm standing in the parking lot, with a giant target bag and $ 100 less in my bank account. but the method products look..oh, so good in our bathroom. I'm such a sucker for design! damnit!


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