A Few Treasured Heirlooms

I hope you all had a good weekend.It is Islander Day here on Prince Edward Island so most business's are closed and it is cold and windy outside so it is a good day to stay indoors.Although I know a few brave souls who plan to go skiing.

Today I want to share a few treasures from my grandparents on my Dad's side of the family.First is the chamber set that was given to them as a wedding present in 1904. My grandmother passed away before I was born but my grandfather lived to be 95 and worked on the farm almost until he died. The chamber set was in my Aunts bedroom all the years I was growing up. I always remember that above it was a picture that said "Smile and the World smiles with you Cry and you Cry alone". I guess there is some wisdom to that still! When I was growing up I used to spend a week or two in the summer with my aunt ,uncle and grandfather and I still treasure those memories .All of my Dad's family are gone now including my Dad who passed away almost 14 years ago so it is nice to have these family heirlooms.

Hope you enjoy a peek at these treasures too!


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