my first 1/2 marathon

: : I did it !! : : we did it !! : : 2.16.36 : : not the most flattering photo, but here we are a few feet away from the finish line.

thank you everyone for your support. yes, you all guessed it right, it was the applefest 1/2 marathon. a beautiful run through neighborhoods, woods, pumpkin fields and apple orchards. it was hot, but we took it slow, made sure we drank a lot at every water station. time was definitely not an issue, more just a matter of making it. in the end I was proud of our time.

I took me two days to recover from the muscle aces, and five days to recover from the food cravings...and believe me, I gave in to all of them, I haven't felt like eating anything remotely healthy until today. I think it's time to get back to my usual eating habits.


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