Bedside Tables

Bedside tables in small spaces are a luxury not to be taken lightly! I've gone threw 3 tries before getting mine just right. It ended up being a small chest with 4 drawers in the front. I love the white square one pictured, but I had to face facts. I'm not neat enough to keep something like that looking the way it should. You can adjust that square to fit just about any size space. My teen aged daughters room had only 1 logical place for her bed. The space for a side table was so tiny, nothing worked. I had a old suitcase that belonged to her grandfather and it fits great. Sometimes all you really need is a spot for a clock and glass of water. We put her sheets in the case for storage (her room is with sheepskin rug). I've used baskets stacked, side chairs, books, you name it. If you have no room on the sides of your bed, try shelving above the headboard. Remember tho, something above your head can fall on your your head! Do be careful trying that!


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