the simplest chair

: : halloj. I'm happy to be back in my again. unfortunately my two week adventure on d*sponge kept me too busy to update my own blog. but now I'm back, and excited about a stack of posts that I have saved up.

A friend of mine, .ulf jansson. , a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Lunds University, Sweden, designed this wonderful chair which deserves a lot of attention. It's incredibly Scandinavian to me through it's absolute simplicity, purity and use of materials.

It's called .the simplest chair.
This pine wood chair, made from one single plank, originates from an antique Andalusian birth chair. The construction is very light, less than 4,4 lbs (2 kg) and with its architectural and modest expression it is ideally suited for café environments. The chair is still in prototype stage looking for a producer and best of all, despite its uncomfortable looks, it is extremely comfortable!

to contact .ulf. send him an e.mail at


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