Happy Sunday

Hello everyone,
   I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I finally took some time to take some pictures for you.I like the little garden vignette above but it is still early in our garden for getting good shots but each day we move forward a little bit. We seem to be having a drier spring with more sunshine but the temperature has been cold at night. Now, that the full moon is past I am hoping it warms up a little.

On Friday evening we drove by these lovely barrels full of colorful tulips so I had to get out and take a few pictures of them.
I love these vibrant colored tulips for the spring garden but the rest of the season I am not so much an orange fan.

On another street downtown a small front yard garden was covered with blooming spring bulbs. They must have their garden well layered because it has good color most of the season which is harder to do in a small space.
I spent some time playing with my dishes again.
A pretty bouquet from our garden-I am happy to have some tulips blooming now along with the thousands of daffodils.

I was lazy this morning and enjoyed looking through some old Victoria magazines before church and didn't go for my walk so I am off to do that now before my brother and sister in law come for a visit.

Thank you for stopping in to visit!

Take care,


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