Early Spring Garden

Hello everyone,
      I hope you are having a good week. We are spending a lot of time in the garden getting it ready for our first tour from Japan in a couple of weeks. I took some photos in the garden today so you can see what is blooming now. It is coming along and a couple of weeks will make a big difference,I hope.

It is lovely to have lots of daffodils for cheery bouquets in the house.

I love to eat outdoors as soon as the weather warms up.
Pansies blooming in a pretty bowl.
I love these white and apricot daffodils.
A pretty spring teapot.
Just a few shots of our early spring garden.

I have to admit all this gardening makes me look forward to a good hot soak and early to bed!

I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell today and The Rose Garden in Malevik for Show Off Saturday.

Thank you for visiting,



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