Visitors from Japan!

We had our first tour of the season today with 20 visitors from Japan. Andrew and I have been busy for weeks getting the garden ready but there are always last minute touches that keep us busy until the bus rolls in.

First we tour the garden ( with an interpreter) so they can ask questions and share information.

We tour the different rooms of the garden.

Enjoying the different flowers and ornaments along the way.

The lupins are blooming now.

We tour Martha's garden(named after the statue Martha)

The new garden structure that Andrew is working is in the background.

We toured the little cottage.

Then we went inside so they can see inside an Island home.

They peeked in our little sunroom .

Then we went out to the veranda on this lovely sunny day to have cookies and lemonade. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed their visit with us.

After they left we had our little grandson Lucas and his sweet Mama(our daughter) come for cookies and lemonade.

Lucas really enjoyed the lemonade.

Later,I curled up on the bed with a book for awhile. It was such a lovely day!


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