A Summer Picnic!

We have been having beautiful weather here on Prince Edward Island so it is a perfect time to go for a little drive and and have a little picnic.

Isn't this a pretty lighthouse?

I think this is a perfect spot for our picnic!

I can hear the waves gently lapping on the shore.

Now lets have a cup of tea and some fruit-did you take the sandwiches?

I love this pretty teapot (made in England) that I got at a yard sale for a few dollars.

Can you believe there is no one else here?

A great place to read for awhile.

Seems I never go anywhere with out my sugar cookies(left overs from our second Japanese tour on Wednesday).

Why don't we just watch the sailboats go by for awhile.

Now wasn't this a lovely relaxing little summer picnic?

Thank you for coming along !

Take care,



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