And Look who Came for Tea!

As I was taking photos on the weekend our little granddaughter ,Jessie,came along just in time for a cup of tea! I have always enjoyed taking children's photos and fortunately at this age most children seem to cooperate.

I love this shot of Jessie.

I have a love -hate relationship with forget-me not's

I love them when they first start to bloom because they fill in bare spots and look pretty with tulips but they do reseed prolifically- a little too prolifically!

Then they start crowding the perennials and they become weedy as they go to seed and I spend hours pulling them out. I have pulled about eight wheelbarrow loads of them so far. No don't worry these little plants will return in full force next year. In a small garden it wouldn't take long but in a garden our size this can keep me busy for hours. Still next year I will be happy(sort-of) to see them again. I do love them along the wild parts of the garden where I don't bother to pull them. Do you have any plants you have a love hate relationship with?
Tomorrow I plan to join outdoor Wednesday so I hope to see you then.

Take care,



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