Peonies Everywhere!

Did I tell you that I love peonies? We have over a hundred peonies in our garden and most of them are in bloom now. ther are a few early ones that are past and a few late ones not blooming yet but the majority of them are now in bloom.

I have picked lots of bouquets like the one above.

I think this one is Gardenia.


Pink Hawaiion Coral

Duchess of nemuirs

A single peony-not sure which one

This is Festiva Maxima-my first peony given to me by my Dad and he got it from his Dad so it is very special. I have divided it mant times. It is very fragrant.

this is Laura Dessert

unsure of this one,

This is Shirley Temple

pretty but I bought some at yardsales and they weren't named so maybe you can tell me which one it is.

peonies and lupins look good together.

another single-I don't stake these.

peonies in the garden.

peonies in a basket

peony on quilt

peonies and teacup

peony in bud

peonies in teapot

peonies in our sunroom

beautiful bouquet!

peonies over our picket fence

another bouquet

And to end of a peony collage. I hope you love peonies too!

It is raining off and on today and I have a home and garden tour with tea and dessert this afternoon so I am off to do some baking.

Take care,



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