Life Around the Boathouse

Hello everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend . We had a downpour all day Saturday as well as winds so it wasn't a day to be in the garden. Fortunately,Sunday was better as we had over 50 lovely visitors from Japan.

Now,around the pond we have some new life as the new crab apple trees are blooming(pretty much past now).We also planted some serviceberries and a couple of lilacs so I am looking forward to watching them grow.
Some blue flag Iris that we planted.

Yellow flag Iris too.

The crab apple blossoms a couple of weeks ago.

I have put our hammock from Novico back up by the pond for those moments of relaxation.

On the door of our boathouse a wise robin built a nest tucked into the top of  the wreath -almost totally hidden.I took a few pics along the way as I checked their growth.

It is hard to believe how quickly they changed after they hatched.

I was lucky enough to be there just moments after the babies flew from the nest. There was lots of squawking as several robins,not just the parents were excitedly encouraging them to test their wings!
-                                Some lupins are growing around the pond.

                      I hope you have a lovely week and thank you for your visit!


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