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: : i was so happy today when I visited .lena corwins. guest blog on design*sponge as i noticed that she had mentioned .josef frank. and .svenskt tenn. .josef frank. is one of my favorite artists. i have such a deep love for all of his patterns and they are such classic design icons in Sweden. I love how they are so strong, bold and of course, colorful. I hope one day I will be able to bring many of his patterns into my home.

.svenskt tenn. is the most well known design store in Sweden, started in 1924 , which .josef frank. as their greatest contributor, they have been incredibly influential on Swedish design. .svenskt tenn. created some of Sweden's most recognizable design icons. Their store is located in Stockholm, I hope you do visit if you are in the city. It is a wonderful place! and .josef frank's. work is truly inspirational. he designed more than 160 patterns for .svenskt tenn. most of them with his typical organic, imaginary motifs. To .frank., nature's forms and colors as part of your interiors was a way to breath and feel freedom in closed rooms.


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