to pee or not to pee....

: : for those of you who don't speak Swedish, the tidy whiteys above read, " don't poop in the Baltic Sea" and on the red ball it says "don't pee in the ocean".

this is related to a discovery that I made this past summer, when I learned that most, if not all, of my American friends pee in the ocean when we go to the beach!! I have since then realized how naive I was on the matter, but for years I have been happily unknowing that while we're all hanging out in the water, playing frisbee, doing headstands, chatting.....they've all been standing there PEEING!! I was appalled when I first found out! so, I decided to conduct my own survey and sent out an e.mail to all my Swedish friends, asking if they also pee in the ocean? I was dissapointed by the results...not Swedes too! although, not as bad as my American friends, about a third of my Swedish friends said they pee in the ocean. there seems to be no statistics available on this subject, but I've heard rumors that about 1/3 of Swedes is correct....and supposively, the Frenchmen are the worst! so, stay away from the French riviera!

while visiting folkform's website [Swedish design company that I spoke of in previous post], I found this ad campaign [images above] that they created for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The ad campaign is a traveling exhibit aimed at educating the people of Sweden about the environmental issues currently affecting the baltic sea. And informing people about what can be done on both a national level as well as a personal level to improve the conditions of the .baltic sea., where pollution levels have been increasing steadily for many, many years now. and what do you know, one of the top ten things that we can do on an individual level to help create a cleaner and healthier .baltic sea. is to........ NOT PEE IN THE OCEAN!

there, finally, I've made my point! I will continue to use toilets, porta potties, bushes whatever else is available at the beach, BUT the ocean.


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