Try Something Different

Some of my best decor successes happened when I thought outside the box. My favorite, was using a folding screen as headboard (above picture is NOT my bed.) Behind your bed is a great place to be creative! Just be careful your creativity does not fall on your head late at night! The above headboard is basically fabric stretched on wood frames. Chalkboard paint can go anywhere! I painted the inside of my bathroom medicine cabinet door for fun messages for the kids in the AM. You could take the above photo idea (chalkboard calender) and make it smaller if space is a issue, maybe do just 1 week instead of a whole month. (Martha Stewart photo, direction link for a how to, under "things to buy". Did you inherit some ugly chairs? Reupholster them in some funky material! Love the chairs above for their spunk factor! Don't let a small space limit your creativity!


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