: : I know that I've been telling all of you that most every house in Sweden is painted red with white trims. well, I admit, most of that was all part of building a good story. then I went home just a few weeks ago. and took a trip through the Swedish country side with my two best friends. I couldn't get over what I saw.......literally EVERY house was painted red with white trims. Only with the exception of a few white and yellow houses. [The main house on a farm was often painted yellow or white to be separated from the red barn.]

I was blown away, how could I have forgotten? It really is true, almost every house in Sweden is red with white trims. So naturally, I was hanging out the window for the whole drive, snapping pictures of all the houses. here is just a small sample. I have a fairly extensive collection of pictures of red.houses now. maybe one day I'll do a gallery show or something. it's a fascinating phenomena I think. you'll see when you go to Sweden. I'm not lying.


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