life happens

: : life happens and it's hard to predict what's coming next. I had visualized myself having lots of time on my hands these past few weeks to work on getting our home organized....but have only been left with a few hours here and there. i know I promised pictures, and these are not the ones I visualized, and there will be more, however I won't promise when.

these show some snapshots of our wonderful balcony at the front of the house [there's a second one in the back] where we are currently enjoying all of our evenings. a pretty rose, two lemon trees, a mango tree and some rocks from our favorite new england coastal town makes the balcony our own little garden haven.

below that are some pictures from my spinach risotto making the other night. my new favorite sauce pan, a white beauty, found at a flea market in Virginia. and the cooking mess in our kitchen. by the way, .jamie oliver. rocks! we use his cookbook almost every day .

life also comes with unexpected news every day. first the happy ones, that another one of my best friends is getting married in Sweden. I couldn't be happier for them! almost ten years of love to celebrate there.

then followed by the sad news that my wonderful grandmother [.mormor.] passed away. she was such a joy in all of our lives. I was far from her, but always felt close. we had become even closer over the past few years. she never let me run out of her homemade almond biscotti. they would come delivered in the mail or were brought over by family members. I feel so lucky to still have a whole box left!! I eat them slowly, one at a time, dipping them in raspberry lemonade [hallon saft], because according to .mormor. that was the best way to enjoy them, and I think of her. she will always be here with us, in all the memories we have of her.


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