a new member of our household

: : a dining table to me is the heart of a home. this is where we enjoy meals together, do our work, entertain with our friends, go through the day's events over tea & coffee....it's the central piece of our home. for months we lived with my old desk as our dining table, searching and searching for the perfect table to replace it. now, finally we have found it. we'll we didn't find it, we found .jon. at .rochdale table company. and he made it for us. custom made to fit our space and personal preferences, we couldn't be more happy with our choice.

.jon. makes tables and benches using wood from old New England barns. the wood for our table comes from a barn in Orange, MA. the barn was built in 1850, and .jon. told me he can tell that the trees must have been 100 years old. that means that the trees were standing when George Washington was alive. it's so wonderful to have a piece of furniture with a story and so much character.

the mustard yellow eames chairs we found on craigslist in philly.
the .silicone table cloth. was a birthday present from my brother and sister, comes from Swedish .wisdesign.
the prints on the wall are my own design. customized color combinations based on kurbits patterns I have shared in .earlier posts.
the breadbasket and teak tray were my grandmothers.


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