Time for Tea

Hello everyone,

It is definitely more like Fall here lately-in a week we went from hot and humid to turning on some heat to take the damp chill out of our house.

So, with the cooler temperatures I thought we should have some comfort food! Have you ever had sticky date pudding? It is so good.

I think this teaset is so pretty, but you know I love my dishes!

If any of you would like my recipe for this easy to make sticky date pudding you can click here.

I love this Royal Albert Rose Cameo Peach teacup that I bought at Winner's a couple of years ago.

What could be sweeter then a cup of tea,sticky date pudding and the Victoria magazine on a cooler day?

Some of these photos are from last year and some are new.

I have hundreds of these so I thought you might like a bouquet- if any of you live nearby and would like some to dry-come on over!

As it is Tuesday, I am joining in with Sandi again for TeaTime at Rose Chintz Cottage where lots of lovely ladies are joining in for a lovely tea.

Also, there is a delightful Victoria party at A Delightsome Life- I love this party as I am a big fan of Victoria and I have been inspired by this magazine in so many ways. I see they are coming out with a special Christmas issue called Christmas Cottage-I am looking forward to that one for sure!

I hope you all have a delightful day!


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