The French Connection!

 Good Morning!
    I am so happy to have had sunshine for awhile this morning so I could take some photos indoors to share with you. A couple of weeks ago I received a wonderful gift in our mailbox from a lovely friend Helene Glehen  from France whom I have never met but enjoy our little visits via blogland. 
  Several weeks ago I posted a photo of an Autumn Bouquet from our garden. Helene wrote and told me it inspired her to paint a picture of it. A short time later she asked for my address and mailed the beautiful painting to me form France.

My photos do not do the painting justice but you can still see how lovely it is.

 The inspiration bouquet beside the painting has dried but I am still hanging on to it.
 I am enjoying a lot of things French these days- books,decorating, etc. 

Isn't it beautiful!

Helene has two beautiful blogs that I know you will enjoy visiting. You can visit Helene here- and then go to her art blog where she has wonderful paintings for sale.

I will share what Helene has to say about herself;
I am a French painter loving roses, gardens which are my source of inspiration.
The Old fashioned and English roses are my favorites and the studio is often filled with their perfume while I am painting.

In summer, each morning I am at work in the studio-garden, painting from life, watching and sketching while the birds sing.
By now, I have hundreds of sketches in my portfolios. I am often so absorbed with my creations that I lose all track of time.

I am romantic at heart and I am fond of Victorian and Regency literature, poetry and style (Jane Austen, Elisabeth Gaskell, the Brontës, Georg Eliott) I love large bouquets in pretty vases, the garden houses nestled in the vegetation, small secret spots in the garden, butterflies gathering nectar and pollen of lavenders... and my dear roses filling the air with their delicate fragrance.

It is a source a happiness and pleasure that I am happy to share with you with my paintings.
I am currently living in the Paris region. Thank you for visiting.

And I would like to add that not only is she a very talented artist with a love for Roses, but also a very kind and thoughtful person. Thank you so much, Helene for this beautiful gift.-I will treasure it always. Maybe some day you will come and sit in my Garden and paint, how lovely that would be!

Today I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show & Tell Friday where once again there is lots of beauty.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Take care,

p.s. Sorry for the small font- I am not sure how to fix it.
also if you would like to visit my Christmas blog click here.


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