Victoria Christmas Party

Hello everyone,
    We had such a windy day here on the Island today that the bridge to the mainland had to be shut down for the day even to cars. There is still no snow in sight so it is rather dull and grey here- some snow would brighten things up a lot.
  Anyway, after being away for a week I need to get busy and finish up my Christmas decorating so I can get some baking done.
 Today, I was adding a few little touches around the house but mainly our kitchen. So, even though many of you have seen our kitchen before I am sharing some new touches with you today.

The hand made crochet tablecloth is one I bought in an antique shop near Kennebunkport. Also, the chairs have new fabric on the seats- I guess I should have taken a close-up shot.

I added some greenery  and candles to the table.

I also added some lace curtains to the bottom of the windows for the winter. I can open them on sunny days. We haven't seen a lot of sun here lately though.

I put some Christmas plates up.

I was able to add some new red and white transferware to my collection at a very good price. It is lucky we don't live close to so many antique shops- it is so tempting!

Time for a cup of tea and some Victoria Christmas inspiration. I love pouring over my old issues with a cup of tea especially on a stormy day.

And yes that corner cabinet is also full of dishes! 
I am decorating with little touches this year.

I love this little donkey-he reminds me that a humble little donkey carried Mary safely on her way!
I love these toile boxes- the bigger ones have my Christmas magazines in them.

I cut some of my holly and pine for the cone and added a vintage Christmas card.
This shot was taken a few months ago as I realized I didn't show my cupboards.

A closer look at my red and white transferware dishes.

Well, I know I am late to join the parties but I always hope it is better late then never!

So, I am joining Kathy for her Victoria Christmas Party at A Delightsome Life and also Cielo for her show off your kitchen party at the House in the Roses.

I know there will be lots to enjoy at both of these parties so I am looking forward to visiting.

Thank you for visiting me,



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